Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Ole Miss, the school that maybe (kind of) gave The Solid Verbal’s favorite rebel a shot to be their mascot. Even though things aren’t looking so good (right now) for the admiral, remember, it could always just be a trap.


• Boise State beat Virginia Tech in DC. Which apparently, in college football logic, is reason enough to focus on why they’re not good and not deserving of anything substantial. **Yawn**

• Say what you will, but I liked the uniforms last night, most notable, Virginia Tech‘s helmets. The matte black was filthy. In a good way.

• Reggie Bush will be stripped of his Heisman. Whatever, that Impala was totally worth it – did you see those rims? SICK!

• Maryland beat Navy 17-14 in Baltimore yesterday, with the play of the game being Maryland LB Adrian Moten’s leaping over the offensive line to cause a Ricky Dobbs fumble. It was done in a way that’s been called, “Something average atheletes would never even think about doing themselves ever.”

• Cincinnati WR and former USC transfer Vidal “VH7” Hazelton tore his ACL during the Bearcats’ game at Fresno State. Fortunately, given the horrible injury, he will be able to apply for a medical redshirt since it happened so early in the season. Also, I have opposite starting WR Armon Binns in the Solid Verbal fantasy league, so I’m sure he’s at least pumped about that.

As mentioned above, Admiral Ackbar, for all intents and purposes, has been put to rest as an Ole Miss mascot possibility via an excellent ESPN commercial.

• Alabama and DE Marcel Dareus will not appeal the NCAA’s two-game suspension ruling. Don’t worry, Robert Bolden, it’ll just be some other future ineligible defensive lineman who turns your ribcage into Cream of Nittany.

• CNBC’s Darren Rovell reports on the replica jerseys being printed by schools, and which active players happen to have the same numbers as the ones that happen to be for sale. Also, Florida is still printing Tim Tebow, er #15 jerseys, though there is no longer a #15 on the team.

• ESPN’s Erin Andrews is thrilled to be hosting the first hour of College Football Gameday (Saturdays, ESPNU, 9 AM ET), or as it’s called on the west coast, ZZZZZZZZZZZZ/Pillow Drool/Stagger to Pee time. I’m sure she does a fine job with the SEC/Big 10/Big 12 news and features, it just doesn’t seem fair that, out here, we get this guy.

Today’s Video of the Day is of comedian (and reportedly new SNL cast member) Jay Pharoah doing a dead-on Denzel Washington and Will Smith. I can’t imagine that these two impressions will make SNL funny, but it’s certainly more entertaining than the status quo.

Enjoy your Tuesday.