Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Sandra Annette Bullock, ECU alum and obscure lead actress of 1995’s “The Net.” No word on whether or not she helped raise Justin Jones, who caught ECU’s hail mary against Tulsa.


• ECU won with a hail mary against Tulsa yesterday. The guy who caught it, predictably, is ginormous.

• UNC assistant coach John Blake, who has found himself at the center of the NCAA’s investigation of the school, resigned. He’ll be back on his feet in no time, I’m sure he has a good agent.

• Ole Miss (with Jeremiah Masoli) lost to Jacksonville State in double overtime. No word yet on whether the embarrassment of losing to an FCS school will affect Masoli’s rigorous graduate studies.

• Virginia Tech and Boise State play tonight. Expect to hear something along the lines of “Boise with those wacky plays!” and “Bud Foster! Bud Foster! I know Bud Foster’s name!” over and over again. Woo.

• Florida had difficulties playing offense. Or as it’s now known, Miami (OH) was mercilessly Addazio’d on Saturday.

• Kansas lost to North Dakota State 6-3 in Turner Gill’s coaching debut. We got an email before the season, explaining that the cupboard isn’t bare in Lawrence. Well, if the cupboard is stocked, its contents have gone rotten.

• The Pac-10 won the games it was favored to win and lost the ones it wasn’t. In the most notable losses, we learned that Jake Locker has yet to have his Heisman moment, Oregon State’s new QB can throw the ball hard and far, but not necessarily to anyone, and UCLA can be run on. And stopped offensively.

• Syracuse was the only BIg East team to beat an FBS school. I was under the impression they only had roughly 31 players on scholarship, so good for BFF of the Show, Doug Marrone.

• Brian Kelly impresses people. Seriously, that’s what every single person says when talking about Brian Kelly – they’re impressed. What a weird way of analyzing a coach – like he’s collectively dating every single Notre Dame fan’s daughters.

Relax Domers, no matter what he says about ND being his dream job, do remember that he’s not above abandoning an undefeated team for greener pastures.

Oh, and Notre Dame won on Saturday.

• Les Miles took out all of his starters prematurely and almost screwed away a game late against a team missing most of its best players. Remind me to add that to my blog template for the season.

• Nebraska fans are excited about new Husker QB Taylor Martinez. He rightfully led an obliteration of Western Kentucky with both his arms and legs. They also call him “T-Magic,” which means he needs a new nickname, like yesterday.

• Denard Robinson apparently got better at everything. Michigan fans are excited. Michigan will either make a huge leap or peak too early. Either way, this won’t end well for the rest of us.

I include Tate Forcier among the rest of us.

• Oregon predictably pummeled New Mexico, and thus, the guy in the Duck costume now has raging pecs.


Today’s Video of the Day is Cee-Lo singing a song. I like it. It’s not safe for work, but catchy as all hell. You shouldn’t be working today, anyway.

Enjoy your Labor Day.