As The Solid Verbal is set to enter its third full season of college football coverage, it is with great pleasure that we announce that, starting this Saturday at 12:00 PM ET, The Solid Verbal can also be heard on theScore Radio, channel 98 on SiriusXM dials across North America.

Since the very beginning, the intent of The Solid Verbal was always to be an entertaining news source for all things college football, and, most importantly, a way for everyday fans to have their voices heard. The support we’ve received on this two-year journey has been nothing short of overwhelming. It has also been incredibly motivating, and the search for new ways to engage college football fans has become an everyday process. We are very excited to welcome a new group of “Verballers” into the fold.

The Solid Verbal will still be available through all the normal channels (, iTunes, etc.) — this is just another great way to keep the discussion going.  As always, we encourage everyone to chime in by sending an e-mail or leaving a voice message at 206-338-1784.

Thanks again for your undying support and we look forward to helping a whole new group of fans kick off their Saturday festivities!