Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Paul Rhoads, now 11 wins away from a national championship. Or three. I don’t know what his hands mean. What does it meeeeeeaaaaaannnn?


• North Carolina will be without a number of players for tomorrow’s game against LSU. I posted this on Twitter earlier, but the real winner with everything going in Chapel Hill is clearly Duke – not just for their own NCAA basketball title, but coupled with the downfall of UNC basketball, UNC football, and John Edwards, it’s been a great year to be a Blue Devil.

• Pitt lost to Utah in Salt Lake City. Not an upset, but Pitt was ranked. Guess offensive lines are important after all.

• South Carolina‘s Stephen Garcia  wasn’t so bad last night. Warrants a mention.

(The other) USC‘s defense was that bad last night. It got to the point where Taylor Mays had to use the dirty play emergency phone to tell the young defense to decapitate Hawaii QB Bryant Moniz. Also warrants a mention.

• Alabama DE Marcell Dareus has been suspended for two games for improper trips and benefits he took during the offseason. Suddenly, San Jose State +83 1/2 doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

• Miami killed Florida A&M last night. More importantly, some fans threw drunken punches at each other, with some of them getting thrown around. Hurray!

• Paul Rhoads (Solid Verbal homeboy) and Iowa State are 1-0 after taking down Northern Illinois. Beleedat!

• Yahoo’s Dr. Saturday examines the prolific Washing State flag at every Gameday locale.

Today’s video of the day is of actor Sam Rockwell dancing his pants off with Jimmy Fallon. This is how I feel every Saturday morning between September and December.

Enjoy your Friday.