Today’s Chorus is brought to you by college football. Because it is being played TODAY. Just typing that makes me want to hit something, but I think my landlord frowns upon indoor tackling sleds.

As a side note, the girls in the picture above will be in Hawaii tonight for COLLEGE FOOTBALL.


For the real goods, make sure to listen to yesterday’s show – news, emails/voicemails, and the first game previews of 2010!

• Most importantly, here’s a TV schedule of this week’s games. And here are the lines, for entertainment purposes only, of those games. You’ll note Oregon, the defending Pac-10 champions, can’t be seen unless you have a specific cable company with a specific channel in scattered northwest cities. Huzzah!

• Robert Bolden, true freshman QB for Penn State, is now a true freshman starting QB for Penn State. This could get hairy, Nittany Lions.

• Big Twen divisions were announced yesterday. The story’s not too exciting, as everyone looked at the breakdown and collectively said, “Eh, looks about right to me.”

Here are details of the deals BYU has already made since going independent. ***Spoiler Alert*** It’s ESPN and Notre Dame.

• USC AD Pat Haden said he would consider independence in “today’s environment.” College Football: The best on-field sport, the worst off. Thinking about pitching that to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, along with “College Football: The Cure for the Common Sport.”

• Marvin Austin, UNC’s star defensive tackle, has been suspended indefinitely for violating team rules. Surely, this will affect UNC’s defensive line performance against LSU on Saturday. For a more scientific look at UNC’s ongoing compliance issues, please refer to this.

• There’s no rhyme or reason to the NCAA‘s decisions. Andy Staples continues to break this 104 year old story, as it pertains to Jeremiah Masoli.

• The Playoff PAC, an organization trying to take down the BCS through a political action committee, produced a new video. There aren’t any song girls, but it’s still good.

• The Wall Street Journal chimes in with some helpful college football number nerdery. (via EDSBS)

Today’s video of the day is college football. You know what, screw it, I am buying that tackling sled. FOOTBALL IS TODAY.

Enjoy your Thursday goosebumpage.