Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Dana Leong, the official electro-jazz cellist of the Solid Verbal. As you can tell, things became uncomfortable at the US Open when Leong was brought to near completion after a particularly uncomfortable electro-jazz moment on his cello.


Before getting into the links, make sure you’ve clicked the most important one of them all – yesterday’s combo plate show with’s Stewart Mandel and’s Ryan Abraham. Knowledge bombs were expertly dropped.

• BYU is once again Ms. Independent. And their non-football programs move to the WCC, which means that BYU needs to make sure that the men’s basketball team is taken care of. WCC men’s basketball has always been strong (and on ESPN) – Gonzaga, St Mary’s, USD, etc. – so make no mistake, this wasn’t a strategic move to strengthen women’s swimming, obvious as that may have seemed.

• Ole Miss QB (and sometime amateur park ranger) Jeremiah Masoli has been denied immediate eligibility by the NCAA. Pending an appeal, Masoli won’t play in 2010. Either the NCAA is doing the right thing the wrong way or the wrong thing the wrong way. Or something.

• Iowa center Josh Koeppel was driving a motorcycle in Iowa City and subsequently hit by a pickup truck after it failed to yield. He somehow walked away fine, though. He’s clearly built for sustaining such impact, or as experts call it, “The Anti-Rubenstein.”

The Wiz has video.

• The Pac-10 is extensively previewed and compiled by now-outed Verballer Juff Nusser at SB Nation.

• Nebraska coach Bo Pelini may not name its QB starter until Saturday’s kickoff. Pelini said he wants to avoid a “circus” and everyone will know who QB1 in a simple, professional way when they parachute onto the 50 with The Final Countdown blaring.

• Nike unveiled its pro combat uniforms for a few select teams earlier today. Take a minute to poke through them for a little bit and then sit back and realize how old you truly are.

• Big Ten divisions may be announced today. TV stations all over Missouri are reporting Mizzou to the East.

• Mark Ingram will miss at least Alabama’s opener against San Jose State after minor arthroscopic knee surgery. The concensus is that he’ll be fine, but it does damage his chances at winning another Heisman, which he had no chance to do in the first place, even with two bionic 182% healthy knees.

• EDSBS drops this year’s “Howard Schnellenberger’s Top 25.” I think I get about 79% of this year’s references, which is an all-time record.

• Minnesota suspended a safety and an offensive tackle for tomorrow’s opener against Middle Tennessee State. I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Minnesota uses safeties and offensive tackles?”

• Penn State’s Nittany Lion was cited for public drunkenness. After my short stay on the Penn State campus, I’ve been under the impression that private drunkenness in State College is more of a stigma than anything the Lion is being accused of.

Today’s video of the day is Louis CK (funniest man alive?) on Conan from a few years ago. They both have new shows, and yet nobody is following around Dana Leong with a camera. Damn shame.

Enjoy your Wednesday.