Today’s Chorus is brought to you by State College, PA. They don’t have a QB, but they do have a place called “The Creamery,” and a school that’s no fun at all to drive to from anywhere on Earth.


• Mack Brown is in support of the Heisman Trust awarding a retroactive Heisman to Vince Young. Because accepting money and gifts made Reggie Bush seem like he wasn’t as good at football as he was in 2005. Go away, revisionists, it’s over. Now, I’m going to sit over there and polish my 2005 Oregon Pac-10 championship ring.

• Brandon Spikes, former Florida LB, or somebody that looks a lot like him, is now immortalized on video doing MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY things on ChatRoulette (his ween is a supporting character). The link here is SFW, but the site they link to is very much not. Unless you work with Brandon Spikes, then you totally know what you’re in for. Allegedly.

• Betting lines are out for this week’s action. For those of you looking to lay down some cash on Idaho/North Dakota, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. Or spend the money on something worthwhile, like food or clothing for your children. And if you have particularly well-fed children, hit the “Shirts” button on our menu bar and order away

• Missouri RB Derrick Washington was formally charged with sexual assault. This in no way means that he was charged by a butler ringing a mini bell while announcing the charges. Damn.

• Notre Dame WR Shaquelle Evans is transferring, most likely to UCLA, where he’s supposedly the next great UCLA receiver to play a little bit and then not a lot and then beat a MAC team in a bowl game that people watch because, “Whatever, it’s still football.”

• Kirk Herbstreit, ESPN’s Gameday co-host and preeminent guy with itty bitty blonde spikes, released his Herbie Awards today. He seems to like America’s favorite 8W/20L QB as much as anyone else, or perhaps even more. I can’t really get upset because he also seems to like both Oregon running backs and hates the Atlanta airport – two arguments I couldn’t possibly agree with more.

New best bud of the show Ted Miller has linked to all of the Pac-10 depth charts, should best coast football interest you. ***Spoiler Alert*** There aren’t too many surprises. Steven Threet won the ASU QB job, Darron Thomas will start for Oregon at QB, and USC will be starting a true freshman at WR and CB Thursday night. And Washington State announced that they’ve changed their defensive gameplan from “allowing” to “tackling.” Ok fine, “brushing up against.”

• Ole Miss QB (trysbfgl;skjfdadfabvcnfasd) Jeremiah Masoli still hasn’t been cleared to play for the Rebels. If only there was some way to hack into the NCAA mainframe…

(I’m ashamed of writing that, but it was my duty. Heh, duty.)

• Penn State‘s still looking for a quarterback. Sophomore Matt McGloin has the edge, if for no other reason than his name sounds like a sound effect. Or the greatest marketing opportunity for McDonalds locations across central PA.

• USC has suspended DB Patrick Hall for a “lack of commitment to the program.” And all those guys who came thiiiiisssss close to going to other schools with no penalty will be suiting up.

• To build on yesterday’s link to The Wiz‘s poster schedules, SB Nation celebrates (?)  the marriage between team photos and being shirtless/covered in baby oil.

Writer Lightning Round!

• Dan Wetzel looks at college football’s new enemy… Boise State! Dun dun DUN!

• Stewart Mandel profiles Navy QB Ricky Dobbs. Mandel was paid by the letter, so there are 73 quotes attributed to Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo.

• Mandel also wrote about Jaquizz Rodgers and Oregon State for College Football Overtime. It’s almost as if I’m spreading the Mandel gospel because he’s COMING ON OUR SHOW TODAY. Or because he done writes better than me do.

• Pat Forde wrote a column naming names and writing things you probably already knew. Put the name of his weekly column is punny, so uh, there’s that.

Today’s video is game show bloopers. And British people in game shows. Wacky.

Enjoy your Tuesday. College football happens in two days. Woah.