In creating a new site, we decided to add new things to the site beyond just episodes and occasional announcements and polls. Last week, we started the daily “Click Chorus,” a collection of daily links to stories and videos that are somewhat in the realm of college football. Or not.

This week, we introduce Solid Verbal Overtime, or whatever we eventually decide to call the segment. Our first choice for names was “Yes, Dear,” but it turns out that that name has been taken.

What the new video segment is is simple – we talk about a couple of topics that we didn’t get to on the show. It could be game previews, hypothetical questions, historic reenactments – whatever. It’s just more Ty, more Dan, but this time with moving pictures.

The first episode touches on a couple of topics we haven’t gotten to, and we were each, as it happens, in our childhood bedrooms (though mine has been taken over by my mom as her new work area). Please excuse us if there are any tech issues. They’ve all either been worked out or will be immediately.

Thank you for your patronage. Enjoy:

[vimeo clip_id=”14555322″ height=”” width=”500″]