by: Dan Rubenstein

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Richie and The Fonz, who are a little bit miffed about Wisconsin not playing Iowa every year for The Heartland Trophy. Also, they’re fictional, and therefore, their opinion doesn’t matter.


• Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez comfirmed that the Badgers and Iowa will be in separate divisions once the Big Twen is broken into divisions. This could mean that The Heartland Trophy may not be awarded every year, which will ultimately throw those two states into a freefalling chaos.

• Position battles are ending across the campuses of non-AQ schools. Here are some more quarterbacks that will be showcasing their skills on premium regional networks all over the country.

• Kasen Williams, just another HS senior who looks like he redshirted, grayshirted, and took a mission before the 7th grade, will announce his college decision tomorrow between Cal, LSU, Florida, Notre Dame, and Washington. I’m assuming he’s a Husky.

• Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel thinks the Big 10 is “selling out tradition.” I love Dan Wetzel. It’s almost impossible to be a rational, well-researched hater, and he does it marvelously. Pre-order his book, even though he stonewalled us for an interview. We’ll wear you down, Wetzel!

• South Carolina players are still being investigated for getting sweetheart deals on hotel rent. Steve Spurrier declined comment, but did point out that he’s worked out a hitch in his swing when he uses his mid irons.

• BYU still hasn’t named a starting QB between the more experienced (read: turning 38) Riley Nelson and the much-touted true freshman Jake Heaps. ***Spoiler Alert*** It won’t matter, BYU won’t be very good this year.

• Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray trained this offseason by working with MMA guys. This is just like my own training, except replace “working with MMA guys” with “watching Whale Wars on Animal Planet and eating a chicken wrap.”

• Some Pac-10 coaches stepped out with their wives last month for a Pac-10 event in Hollywood. The Wiz has the pictures. Rawr.

• New USC AD Pat Haden tells Dan Patrick that Reggie Bush should give back his Heisman. Dan Patrick responded by asking, “En Fuego?” Then there was an uncomfortable silence.

• New Vanderbilt coach Robbie Caldwell was mic’d up for practice. He’s a likable fella… so Vanderbilt’s going to be terrible.

Today’s video is of the karaoke variety. Texas A&M QB Jerrod Johnson likes the way you work it. There’s also a possibility that he may bag it up.

Enjoy your Thursday. And listen to Chip Brown.