by: Dan Rubenstein

Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Gene Hackman, a well known resident of the state of New Mexico (no sales tax, state bird: roadrunner). I have no idea if he cares about college football in New Mexico, but I like him anyway.


• Ohio State will welcome Colorado to The Horseshoe on Sept. 24, 2011 for the paltry sum of $1.4 million in what’s now commonly known as a, “Home and That’s It.” Colorado’s financial struggles have been well known, so it makes sense for both sides – Colorado gets some cash and Ohio State gets to baptize whoever Colorado’s new coach is by some gnarly Columbus fire.

• Colorado also may put off joining the PacDozen until after the 2011 season, not after the upcoming one like conference acquaintance, Nebraska. The reason? The Buffs don’t want to lose out on some sweet shared Big 12 revenue.

Colorado Football: In it to Win It Help Balance the Budget of a Horribly Mismanaged Athletic Department.

• The state of New Mexico has two new starting quarterbacks. New Mexico’s will be B.R. Holbrook and NMSU will be led by Matt Christian. So to those following football in The Land of Enchantment, there’s some information that may be of note……………..sorry I drifted off for a second there.

• Brian Kelly has spoken with NBC about how quickly Notre Dame will be playing and how that will relate to the network’s way of broadcasting their games. He also took exception to the way NBC went into commercial last year with the whole, “Coming up after the break, Notre Dame will let Enter School Here run straight through their D-line without being even remotely inconvenienced by an attempt at an arm tackle.” Ice cold, NBC, ice cold.

• Southern Miss OT O.C. Brown is the subject of a documentary that will tell the story of his circumstances growing up and eventually being recruited in Memphis. It obviously brings to mind the success of a recent movie chronicling the rough childhood and academic challenges of a highly-touted recruit, but I’ve been assured that Brown’s story is actually quite different than Jimmy Clausen’s.

• David Reaves, New Mexico’s quarterbacks coach and Lane Kiffin’s brother-in-law was interviewed by the NCAA about the recruiting practices of Lane Kiffin and his staff while Reaves and Kiffin were at Tennessee. Man, to think Reaves has already been under so much scrutiny for his flashy B.R. Holbrook decision, and now this? How crazy can one week get?!?

Oregon has begun to break in their carbon helmets. Haters gon’ hate.

• Syracuse coach (and another BFF of the Podcast), Doug Marrone is having trouble keeping his players healthy. I hate to say it, but I feel like this is all probably karma for Eric Devendorf’s awful beard.

• Kovario Middleton, former Washington TE, will not be transferring to Nebraska. Apparently the rigors of playing Pac-10 football and violating team rules has left little time for Middleton to get his schoolwork in order. I’m saying it right now – feels like an Ole Miss Rebel.

Today’s video is a music video from a band that used to exist called Midtown (their singer is now the guy in Cobra Starship). I like the song, but even more importantly, I’m briefly in this music video. See if you can spot an awkward 15 year old Dan Rubenstein (it’s not hard) (that’s what she said):

Enjoy your Wednesday, and remember, it’s just rock and roll.