by: Dan Rubenstein

The season is but a few days away. To help ease some weekend pain for UCLA fans, here are the Bruinettes. I just made up that term.


• Scrimmage Reviews: A lot of conferences had scrimmages this weekend. Some of those conferences include the ACC and the Big 10. Also, Baylor’s Robert Griffin and some notable non-AQ schools did they thang. ESPN has the info. It’s the stuff too hot to show on College Football Live… relevant, interesting information!

• UCLA center Kai Maiava is out for the season after fracturing his ankle. With the young, talented depth UCLA has stockpiled, they probably could’ve taken the hit anywhere else but the O-line – and now things are looking pretty brutal up front. I won’t say something dumb like how even I could bullrush UCLA… but certainly Ty, with his extensive softball experience could perhaps collapse a pocket or five.

• Temple head coach and BFF of the Podcast Al Golden announced his new starting QB, Chester Stewart. He appears to be not not only more mobile than Vaughn Charlton (now a TE), but he also has a name, that sounds like he could, at any moment, open a fine children’s clothing boutique.

• Taylor Potts was named Texas Tech’s new starting QB over Steven Sheffield. The choice was pretty easy – Potts appears to be a better fit for Tech’s new offense and has been known to grow superior facial hair. Luckily, Steven Sheffield has the name to, at any point, start at striker for Liverpool or become the next British Prime Minister.

• ESPN’s Jenn Brown agreed to become the face of Icehouse. In trying to decide who best represents Icehouse’s core image, the company ultimately had a tough decision between Brown, an attractive ESPN personality, and three awful Delta Sigs from Wisconsin-Whitewater.

The first AP Poll is out. There’s nothing really to complain about since the season is still a little less than two weeks away, but do make a point to follow PollSpeak, a site that publishes the ballots of AP voters. You’re crazy for this one, Raleigh!

• USC can cling to AP title hopes, according to Chris Dufresne of the LA Times. Not sure why people discount this, it’s not like the crystal trophy is some sort of beacon of legitimacy. Or “bacon of legitimacy,” as I originally wrote. Damn, bacon sounds crazy delicious right now.

• Michigan says you can’t smoke or bring in water bottles to Wolverine games this fall. According to the story, though, feel free to bring in talented defensive backs and dual threat quarterbacks. Please?

• Bodog has Heisman odds. They included receivers, best coast players, and Tate Forcier. Adorable. Good karma all around.

Today’s video is of some guys risking the fate of agreeing to play offensive line for UCLA by pulling off gnarly pool-basketball combos.

Enjoy your Monday.