by: Dan Rubenstein

A light chorus today – they’re showing old episodes of Red Shoe Diaries on BYU-TV and I don’t want to miss a second.


• Nick Saban was impersonated. Skillfully. By walk-on Rob Ezell. As expected, he’s the first one to go once Saban gets his Mr. Burns trap door in place.

• LeGarrette Blount is now on a two day Click Chorus streak for a story about him punching somebody. It may now officially be more newsworthy when he doesn’t clock somebody in the face, no matter the circumstance. Attn: Nashville food service employees, don’t even get his order wrong. Just in case.

• Tate Forcier‘s performance in Michigan practice has given him wiiiiiiiiiiiings. Slow news day.

• Orrin Hatch, the Utah senator who was been crusading against all things BCS, says he will keep up his fight, even though the two big schools in his conference appear to be aligning themselves for a better shot at earning a BCS slot. Hatch is a longtime politician, so you know you can trust that he’ll fight when a 10-2 Utah gets an at-large bid over 12-0 Wyoming.

• Andy Staples has released his Preseason Top 25, and sadly, it’s utterly reasonable. Except for no mentions of Dr. Bernard Pierce. Step up, Staples!

• Texas and BYU have agreed to a home and home. I’d assume by 2014, the game in Austin will be on either ESPN/ABC or some sort of Longhorn Network, and the 2013 game will be on BYU’s super-advanced, 2160p HD public access network.

In honor of LeGarrette Blount, today’s video is the only logical next step for my man, LGB.

Enjoy your weekend. And listen to the Ted Miller episode for best coast knowledge bombs.