by: Dan Rubenstein

Listen to the newest episode feat. Ted Miller of ESPN dropping Pac-10 knowledge bombs with no regard for human life.

Richt jumping off a platform is fine, I want to see an UGAball. Make it happen, Georgia.


• BYU independence rumors led to many things happening in the Mountain West and WAC yesterday. The Mountain West got fatter, the WAC skinnier. I’m still new to this linking thing, but the Wiz isn’t. Best rundown of the events.

• Georgia coach Mark Richt jumped into a pool backwards, per yearly tradition. In his clothes. Ty’s not impressed, still has him on the hot seat.

• LeGarrette Blount, former Oregon RB and current Tennessee Titans RB, got into a situation at practice and …sighhhhh.

• Antonio Cromartie. the former Florida State CB and current Jet talked about his children last night on Hard Knocks. I won’t spoil anything, but 2007 was good to him.

• Texas and Florida State had good recruiting days yesterday. Malcolm Brown, the #1 RB in the nation according to Rivals, is going to be a Longhorn. James Wilder Jr., the #1 athlete will play (most likely) RB at Florida State. You’ll remember Wilder as the guy Solid Verbal guest JW Walsh (top 10 QB in the 2011 class) couldn’t believe wasn’t 30 and already in the NFL. Good to see the underdogs getting some big guys for once.

• Nick Saban may be doing and saying a lot of things this offseason, but he certainly isn’t intentionally endorsing your candidate, no matter how bad your photoshopping abilities are.

• Washington may try to sell firewater to help fund their stadium renovation. Where was this idea during the Willingham years? Where, damn youuuuuuuuuu?

• Mark Ingram attempts the Tiger Woods ball bouncing trick. Wait, that could be misinterpreted. The golf ball bouncing trick. Whew.

Today’s random video is Artie Lange telling Harey Carey and Bob Uecker stories on Dave Letterman. Hoping Artie’s doing alright, though not entirely positive he is. In any case, this = funny:

Enjoy your Thursday.