Hey Verballers and random passers-by, I got tired of not writing, so I decided to start posting links in the morning. I’ll also post some videos and briefly talk about other things that could include, but isn’t limited to, Pauly D’s hair on Jersey Shore. Just one of a few different things we’ll be doing as the season approaches and opens. I call it “Click Chorus” because it’s in the ballpark of making sense, but mostly because it sounds funny when you say it out loud.

Figured there was no better way to start this off than using some Oregon cheerleaders to get some attention. Sorry what was I saying?


Bobby Petrino did not care much for a local radio reporter, Renee Gork, wearing a Gator hat at his press conference. She was shortly let go thereafter. Short of it being a deliberate, silent (and kind of dumb) attack on the university, it’s one of those stories that makes you think, “Yea, screw them” if Arkansas loses in a heartbreaker at some point this season. I’ll then forget why I was ever mad in the first place and take a short nap during BC/NC State. God, I love naps.

Kyle Parker signed with the Colorado Rockies at the 11th hour, but will still play QB for Clemson this fall, before reporting for baseball duties next spring. With a $1.4 million bonus in the bank. Or wherever it is he decides to invest his money. Tip: Building the most technologically-advanced intercontinental college football podcast studio wouldn’t be the worst way to spend it. Actually, no wait, it almost assuredly is. And the second worst is blowing it all on average-looking prostitutes and thousands of chili cheese a-plenties.

• Kavario Middleton, now former Washington TE, has decided to take his talents to Lincoln, NE, after his talents were no longer desired in Seattle for a violation of team rules. A former highly-touted prospect and emerging Pac-10 TE, Middleton seemed to have many options, but opted to go Big Red RIGHT AFTER THE VERBACON ANNOUNCEMENT. We may have just seen our first Verbacon Bump™.

TCU announced a $105 million dollar renovation/expansion of Amon G. Carter stadium to, among other things, impact recruiting efforts and become the “Camden Yards of collegiate football stadiums.” Whoever the TCU coach is in a couple years just hit the jackpot.

Mike Leach was hired by CBS College Sports to do color analysis for this upcoming season. Somebody with CBS College Sports should tell me how it goes. I’m guessing he’ll be fine. Yarr.

Tennessee appears to be starting the season with 17 players on scholarship. Ok, not really, but they’re dropping like flies in Knoxville. And they just cancelled a series with North Carolina. Tennessee has won a national championship in Justin Bieber’s lifetime and they’re canceling games with average ACC teams. I’m becoming increasingly worried for Clay Travis’s safety.

Finally, today’s video is of a young child accusing her parents of being too loud as they made raucous love. It has nothing to do with anything, I just like the phrase “made raucous love.” Enjoy your Tuesday.