Mega Brew & A: Part 1

May 19, 2022

Ty and Dan leaf through an overflowing inbox and answer college football questions from the Verballerhood about tasty non-conference matchups, Scott Frost’s future, this year’s Kenny Pickett, unattainable coaches, the fusion of playcalling schemes and identities, and much more. The second part of this Q&A episode is available to Patreon subscribers at Related: Mega April Q&A: Part 1 The State of College Football Analytics with Bill Connelly 2023 Quarterback Recruits with Ari Wasserman Clemson Football Deep Dive with Larry Williams

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The State of NIL with Matt Brown

May 12, 2022

Ty and Dan welcome back Matt Brown to get his up-to-the-minute perspective on the effect NIL is having on college football and figure out where the marketplace will take the sport next. Amid the news of Jordan Addison’s transfer away from Pitt, the NCAA’s renewed focus on collectives, the looming presence of the EA Sports NCAA video game, and predictions for the END OF THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL WORLD, we examine where things *actually* stand and whether Matt’s opinion has changed since his last visit in February. Learn more about the Extra Points with Matt Brown newsletter

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National Signing Day Takeaways That Will Impact Your Favorite College Football Teams

February 4, 2022

(Eric Espada / Getty Images) It may technically be the offseason for college football, but the ripple effects of this week’s National Signing Day and the 2022 recruiting class will be felt for years to come. It doesn’t take a long walk down the recruiting history road to realize that, when it comes to winning, there might not be anything more important than talent acquisition. Without getting too nerdy (even if it did include some nerdy calculations), average recruiting rank alone accounts for nearly half of all variance in win totals for Power Five conference football teams. And if we . . .

The Biggest Needs for College Football’s Best Teams in the 2022 Offseason

January 14, 2022

After the glorious fever dream that was the 2021 college football season, every major program is looking to ascend like the Georgia Bulldogs. Here’s what the nation’s top 10 teams must do this offseason to delude its fans into believing it will be next year’s breakthrough champion. 10. Oklahoma Construct a large barricade around the Transfer Portal Lincoln Riley took everything that wasn’t nailed down with him to USC, like a hotel guest collecting tiny soaps for sport. To make matters worse, both Caleb Williams and Mario Williams look to be headed out west as well. At this rate, Brent . . .

Stunningly Surprising Squads from the 2021 College Football Season

January 12, 2022

Every college football season, there are teams that exceed, and others that fall well short of preseason expectations. Some are far more surprising than others. In this crazy season of ups and downs, full of top ten teams falling left and right, there were plenty of surprises. But which squads surprised us the most, and where are those programs headed in the near future? Let’s dive in. Good Surprises Georgia Preseason Consensus Projected Win Total: 10.5 Actual Win Total: 14 and the National Championship Victory It took 40+ years, but Georgia finally won another National Championship. They dominated the entire . . .