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What? We ain’t kidding. The duct tape and chicken wire has been arranged for our first ever call-in show.  We have no idea what will happen. When? Tonight (July 22nd) at 6:15PM ET Where? Here (embedded below) or over at YouTube (link here) How can I call in? With your phones, son.  Dial 408-VERBAL1. Comment in real-time or watch [...]

Week 14 Review (12/2)

Ty and Dan reunite in New York City and discuss Alabama’s big win in the SEC Championship, Wisconsin’s third straight Rose Bowl berth, Florida State’s limp to the finish, and much more.  Plus, a quick chat with Clay Travis from OutkickTheCoverage.com about betting lines, internet trolls, and an Alabama-Notre Dame BCS Championship matchup. Note: Due [...]

Week 13 Review (11/25)

Ty and Dan discuss Notre Dame’s march into the BCS National Championship against either Alabama or Georgia, Florida’s impressive showing against Florida State, Oregon’s triumph in the Civil War and debate whether Johnny Manziel should win the Heisman.

Week 12 Review (11/18)

Ty and Dan record from Allentown and Madison and discuss upset losses by Oregon and Kansas State, Notre Dame’s looming game with USC, “FCS Week” in the SEC, and Dan’s demeanor in a lonely Wisconsin bar.

Week 11 Review (11/11)

Ty and Dan recap Texas A&M’s big upset of Alabama, the chaos amongst Oregon, Kansas State and Notre Dame, the future of Gene Chizik and Derek Dooley, and the irony of having to root for Texas down the stretch.

Week 10 Review (11/4)

Ty and Dan walk through a wild week of games, including Alabama’s comeback, Oregon’s shootout, and Notre Dame’s overtime thriller. Plus, Reverbs and an ongoing debate about which teams should be ranked where in the top ten.

Week 9 Review (10/28)

Ty and Dan recap all the action from Week 9, including Notre Dame’s epic road win, Kansas State’s dominating effort, Alabama’s continued dominance and the Tire Fire that is Auburn football

The Solid Verbal Live: Week 8

The Solid Verbal Live: Week 7

Watch live streaming video from solidverbalsbn at livestream.com

The Solid Verbal Live: Week 6

The Solid Verbal Live: Week 5

In Week Five… OMG did you see what Geno Smith just did?! Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein break down a crazy day of action across the nation and provide their take on seasonal beer and diet peach tea in the craziest college football wrap up show on the internet.

The Solid Verbal Live: Week 4

In Week Four, Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein make predictions for Clemson-Florida State, Michigan-Notre Dame, Kansas State-Michigan before theorizing about potential “Georgia’ings”, talking about the Stafon Diggs’ alien knees, and nominating the entire Big Ten for a Tire Fire award.

The Solid Verbal Live: Week 3

In Week Three, Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein dive into a high-profile card of night games including Florida-Tennessee, Notre Dame-Michigan State, and USC-Stanford.  Plus, a run-through from action from earlier in the day and a random Tire Fire Keyboard for good measure. // Tweet to @SolidVerbal //

The Solid Verbal Live: Week 2

In Week Two, Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein run through a full slate of college football. From Texas A&M’s first ever SEC battle in College Station to (14) Ohio State’s return to dominance under Head Coach Urban Meyer, it’s another big day across the nation. Oh, and Maryland just keeps scoring so look for Ty [...]

The Solid Verbal Live: Week 1

The first ever LIVE episode of The Solid Verbal on SB Nation is in the books, and despite the rocky start, the 2012 college football season is officially under way. Get a preview of tonight’s (2) Alabama vs. (8) Michigan matchup in Dallas from Bill Connelly, a look back on the day’s games, and as [...]