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The BCS House Party

Ty and Dan broadcast before, during and after the 2014 BCS National Championship from a house party in the West Valley.

The Fleming System: Computer Bowl Picks and Week 15 Rankings

This week, I have gone through the rankings and the bowl tie-ins to try to anticipate which teams will play in which bowls? First, please understand that this is just the computer picking the participants.  I have used TFS overall rankings to pick the ten BCS bowl teams.  After that, I have used the ranking [...]

Tire Fire Alert: Week 13

The finish line is in sight, folks. Each week the stakes get higher as the BCS picture and conference races come into clear view. Fortunately, for our purposes, that also means lots of low/no-stakes matches on the other end of the spectrum. This week, we have a positively putrid match at the bottom of the [...]

The Fleming System: Undefeated Teams and Week 13 Rankings

As we wind down toward December, the top of the rankings are really taking shape.  But unlike previous years, there is a mathematical (and very real) possibility of ending the regular season with as many as six undefeated teams.  Of course, nothing is a given. Let’s take a look at who the undefeated teams have [...]

Tire Fire Alert: Week 12

We’re back, boys and girls, for another installment of Tire Fires. This week, we have some really dismal units just waiting to get tossed into a trash heap and burned at 1,000 degrees. As the year begins to wind down, we’ve got three teams that have gone from bad to burning-Kuwaiti-tire awful. One thing fans [...]

Oklahoma-Baylor: It’s About To Get Weird

The Baylor Bears have left a trail of scorched earth in their wake through the first seven games of the 2013 season. They’re outgaining opponents by a staggering 400 yards of total offense per game, translating into an average margin of victory of 48 points. They’ve done that while sitting stars such as quarterback Bryce [...]

Tire Fire Alert: Week 10

We’re back for another installment of  Tire Fires: showcasing the awful, the hot and the sticky of college football. It’s slim pickins’ this week, both in good games and obvious beat downs. Luckily I’ve been at this for a few weeks, so I know where to to find fire. Let’s begin. Kansas, it’s your time [...]

One of the strengths of a computer rating system is the uniform application of criteria in the ranking of teams.  However, that can also be one of the weaknesses.  One potentially deceptive aspect of computer rankings manifests itself in the calculation of the strength of schedule.  What exactly does “strength of schedule” mean? In the [...]

Maryland, Clemson and the Struggle for National Relevancy

During football season in College Park, MD, it always rains. A lot. It’s an autumnal rite of passage for Terps fans and a dreary reminder of Maryland’s pecking order in the college football world. If you can’t handle the rain, then you certainly won’t be able to stomach the game. In the fall of 2009, [...]

Easy Call: Week 9

On this week’s Easy Call, Dan Rubenstein breaks down the week’s biggest games — UCLA/Oregon, Texas Tech/Oklahoma, South Carolina/Missouri, Stanford/Oregon State, and Penn State/Ohio State all at Bark in Brooklyn, showing off some beautiful hot dogs and burgers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v03sbijZtJo

As its name implies, The College Football Data Warehouse, maintained by David DeLassus, keeps a myriad of information about college football.  Some years back, I found that among “national championships”, the list of “selectors” included my own Fleming System.  I certainly don’t offer a trophy to the team that ends up on top of my [...]

Tire Fire Alert: Week Eight

Whilst doing my research for the Week Nine installment of the Tire Fires blog, my eyes could not be averted from the potential defensive wreckage in the SEC this weekend. Last week, I pointed to the Missouri-Georgia game with both teams prone to scoring and surrendering big numbers. We’ll continue that trend, but in particular, [...]

Fancred Friday

The fine folks over at Fancred have helped us expand the reach of The Solid Verbal by giving us a slick profile page and a direct portal into the passionate minds of college football fans around the world.  So, to express our gratitude, we solicited questions from its growing network of fans for a special [...]

The Reverb Index: Week Seven

As the Reverb Line (408-VERBAL1) continues to ring off the hook, I must make an admission:  I was wrong.  Really wrong, actually.  I thought the uptick in positivity we saw in your calls was a mere blip on the radar. I thought, well… I thought you all were a bunch of cynics.  As the chart [...]

The Fleming System: The Human Element of Computer Polls

The Game Outcome Measure (GOM) is the central metric used by my rating program to determine how much better the winning team is than the losing team in a specific game played.  The GOM can be designed to reward offensively-oriented teams (by relying heavily on how many points the winning team scores); another GOM definition might [...]

Tire Fire Alert: Week Seven

Welcome to your Week Seven Tire Fire Alert. We do this as a public service, you know.  This week, we’re featuring two God awful teams, a defense that’s about to get trampled underfoot and two more defenses set to feel the wrath of the SEC’s newfound fire power. As always, keep your distance, bring a [...]

The Reverb Index: Your Calls From Week Six

Last week’s slate of games produced some rather interesting calls to the Reverb line (408-VERBAL1).  Surprisingly, callers reversed a season long trend and expressed more positivity.  As you can see from the chart below, last week’s 55-45 good mood / bad mood split was the largest since Week Three.  It will be interesting to see [...]

Introducing The Fleming System

Since its inception in 1998, the best argument for the BCS has been that college football fans love debates.  You know it’s true.  Everyone loves a good fight.  SEC people fighting with Big 12 people fighting with Pac-12 people fighting with computers fighting with humans fighting with Condoleeza Rice and Mark May.  Nobody can agree on [...]

Tire Fire Alert: Week Six

Over the past few seasons, The Solid Verbal has spoken, retroactively, about the most egregious weekly performances in the world of college football.  These lowlights, referenced lovingly as “tire fires”, have become a regular part of the podcast, as well as the sport’s lexicon.  In late 2011, EA Sports felt compelled to add a “Tire [...]

The Reverb Index: Week Four

Week Four of the college football season did not phase the Reverb line (408-VERBAL1).  Indeed, the phones continued to ring; however, moods began to wear a little thin. As you can see in the chart below, callers are slowly becoming more downtrodden.  Last week, 45.9-percent of Verbalers called to vent their frustrations.  It’s the highest [...]