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About The Show

The Solid Verbal is an independent, bi-weekly college football podcast with Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein.  Ty lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania; Dan lives in New York City.

The show was conceived while the hosts were doing work for SI.com — Ty was writing a weekly “Quick Slants” college sports column; Dan was shooting his popular “SI Tour Guy” video series.  The thinking was that creating a fan-centric college football podcast would fill a giant need.  The Solid Verbal was born in August of 2008.

Soon thereafter, during the 2009 season, The Solid Verbal became both the highest rated and most popular, independently-run college football podcast on the web.  Since then, the show has been featured by iTunes on several occasions, attracted tens of thousands of listeners (or “Verballers”) from every corner of the globe, and downloaded millions of times.  Guests have ranged from prominent bloggers to popular reporters to well-known current-and-former head coaches.

In 2010, The Solid Verbal was syndicated on SiriusXM satellite radio.  A year later in 2011, The Solid Verbal partnered with Grantland.com, providing the Grantland Network Podcast with a weekly college football recap show.  In 2012, Ty and Dan spoke about podcasting at the prestigious SXSW Interactive show in Austin, TX before launching a live video series later in the year with the help of SBNation.  In 2013, continuing a trend, the show again doubled its listenership for a sixth straight season.

The Solid Verbal continues through the regular season, post-season, and off-season, because fans don’t just love college football, they live it.

Chime in and let Ty and Dan know what’s on your mind. Send an e-mail or call the voicemail lines at 408-VERBAL1.

Meet The Hosts

Ty Hildenbrandt
Ty Hildenbrandt is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University. After winning the “Next Great Sportswriter” contest on FOXSports.com in 2006, he eventually jumped over to SI.com where he met his co-host.  He lives in Allentown, PA, where Yocco’s hot dogs are king, Billy Joel is an icon, and the first day of hunting season is a school holiday.


Dan Rubenstein is a video host and producer for SB Nation. He’s formerly of Los Angeles, CA and currently of New York, NY, though somehow is also a graduate of the University of Oregon. Prior to SB Nation, Dan hosted and produced a video series called “The SI Tour Guy” interviewing college football tailgaters for Sports Illustrated at SI.com. In his free time, he naps, runs, and takes pictures of his meals.

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