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February 2018

February Q&A

Ty and Dan close out February with a rousing round of Q&A and address the most “intriguing” conferences, college football’s attendance problem, head coaches in a hypothetical hot dog eating contest, Oregon State’s long term prospects, the best Punch-Out!! opponents, and much more.

How College Football Works: Recruiting

How College Football Works: Recruiting

In a special production, Ty and Dan take a closer look at the nuts and bolts of the college football recruiting world and conduct an informal roundtable to hear how coaches, players, parents, reporters, and fans handle the process. How much impact do star ratings have? Is “negative recruiting” a common practice? How is a [...]

Super Mega Recruiting Recap

On National Signing Day, Ty and Dan talk with Brandon Huffman from 247Sports and Bud Elliott from SB Nation and take an in-depth look at Georgia’s historic recruiting class, Tom Herman’s big haul at Texas, USC’s closing arguments, Clemson’s continued momentum, and questions about the direction of Michigan. Plus, other recruiting news ranging from the [...]