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June 2016

The Pursuit of (College Football) Happiness (6/29/2016)

Ty and Dan show their patriotism by taking a way-too-early look at Bill Connelly's top 15 for 2016 and picking out the quarterbacks, running backs and position groups from other teams that would make them even better.

Summer Love (6/22/2016)

Ty and Dan run through their summer college football crushes, from coaches to players to teams, that are sure to give them the warm fuzzies come this fall.

June Mailbag (6/15/2016)

Ty and Dan step back from Scheme Theme Month to answer some pressing Verballer questions, ranging from Nebraska's bouncebackability to Miami's win/loss total in 2016. Plus, serious questions about marital contracts, video games and food in Austin.

Scheme Theme: Geoff Schwartz (6/8/2016)

Ty and Dan welcome podcaster, Oregon grad, and NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz to the show to break down the inner workings of the offensive line. How do blocking schemes vary between high school, college and the NFL? What do lineman see when they look at the game? What makes a fearsome defensive lineman? All [...]

Turmoil at Baylor (6/1/2016)

Ty and Dan talk with Dan Wetzel from Yahoo! Sports about the shocking news out of Baylor, the dismissal of Art Briles, the culture of big money college football, and where we go from here. This show is supported by Texture. Try it for free at texture.com/verbal.