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July 2015

The Most Interesting Conference In The World (7/28/2015)

Ty and Dan devise a ratings system and scientifically rank the Power 5 conferences based on quarterback competence, contenders, depth and coaching. Plus, Dan’s advice for wedding planners and the Ty Hildenbrandt romantic playbook. Sponsors: Fanly – Download Fanly from the App Store today. It’s the only sports app you’ll ever need! Touch of Modern [...]

The Food Show (7/22/2015)

Ty and Dan are joined by SB Nation’s Ryan Nanni to break down proper tailgating etiquette, methods and menus in preparation for the 2015 season. Sponsors: – TouchOfModern.com – Visit TouchOfModern.com today for design-focused products that tell a story! – NextIssue.com – Visit NextIssue.com/Verbal today for a 30-day free trial!

n00bs (7/15/2015)

Ty and Dan answer questions about college football newbies, or “n00bs,” headed into the college football season and hand out some free advice on new life experiences. Sponsor: NextIssue– Visit NextIssue.com/verbal for a 30-day free trial!

Game That Tune! (7/9/2015)

Ty plays host as Dan and Bruce Feldman duke it out in a battle of auditory wits in the first ever edition of Game That Tune, where fight songs and other notable college football sounds are slowed down, sped up and pitch-shifted for maximum discomfort. Sponsor: – PlayYourCourt.com – Visit http://www.playyourcourt.com/solid today for $10 off [...]

July Q&A (7/1/2015)

Ty and Dan ease into July 4th weekend with a casual question and answer session, addressing questions on Kevin Hogan’s staying power, “Quadruple-A” coaches, SEC darkhorses, and much more. Sponsors: PlayYourCourt.com – Visit PlayYourCourt.com/solid for $10 off your first tennis lesson NextIssue.com – Visit NextIssue.com/verbal for a 30-day free trial