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June 2015

Schad Money (6/24/2015)

Ty and Dan channel their inner Jim Cramer and give out college football stock tips with help from an assortment of expert sound bytes from the last several seasons. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to play Schad Money. Sponsors: - TouchOfModern.com - Visit TouchOfModern.com today for unique, designed focused products... with a story! - NextIssue [...]

The Blame Game: Battle of Wits (6/17/2015)

Ty and Dan invite SI.com's Andy Staples onto the show for the first ever installment of The Blame Game, a spirited contest in which players match up college coaches with their depressingly similar postgame comments. Sponsors: DraftKings.com - Use the promo code SOLID for free entry in an MLB one-day fantasy league TouchOfModern.com - Visit [...]

The Pool Party (6/12/2015)

Dan is joined by Spencer Hall and Ryan Nanni of EDSBS and the Shutdown Fullcast to fill out a confidence pool and discuss controversial summer aquatic topics.

Crowdsourced (6/4/2015)

Ty and Dan rely completely on a listener-created Google Doc to run through a list of weird wagers for the upcoming college football season. Plus, some early news on last week's Fantasy Draft and depressing news about late night programming. Sponsors: - NextIssue: Visit nextissue.com/verbal for a 30-day free trial - Touch of Modern: Visit [...]