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Selection Sunday (12/7)

Ty and Dan convene to podcast on the first ever Selection Sunday in the history of college football. It’s Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State for the national championship, but there’s an argument for Baylor, another for TCU, and a better one for outlawing chest passes in halftime throwing contests. Plus, a spirited edition of Reverbs and a quick run through a fascinating slate of bowl games

Show Summary

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(6:00) — Dan and Ty discuss the final College Football Playoff rankings.


(10:00) — Ohio State 59, Wisconsin 0: Dan and Ty discuss the CFB committee’s perception of the Badgers, and how the Buckeyes shut down Melvin Gordon. Ty brings up that perhaps Wisconsin should be facetiously dubbed “Big-game Badgers.” The duo also discuss the prospect of third-string Buckeye QB Cardale Jones going against Alabama’s defense in a national semifinal.

(18:20) — Alabama 42, Missouri 13: Ty says this game did not feel close at all, despite the only-touchdown difference in the third quarter. Dan points out how poorly the Tigers ran the ball against the Tide. Dan gives credit to Lane Kiffin for mixing up the offense and the tempo to get the Tide’s offense going.

(26:00) — Oregon 51, Arizona 13: Dan says that Oregon’s defense really took a big step in this game — as the Ducks’ offense stumbled early, the defense clamped down on the Wildcats’ offense. He says it could even be the most impressive defensive effort the Ducks have ever had.Ty agrees that the Ducks looked very, very good.

(34:20) — Florida State 37, Georgia Tech 35: Ty says that the Seminoles were able to get a couple of stops late, which was the difference in the game. Ty was surprised how effect the Georgia Tech was, and Dan points out that the defense had plenty of rest given how the Yellow Jackets’ offense controlled the ball.

(41:30) — TCU 55, Iowa State 3: Ty says the Horned Frogs didn’t do anything to get dropped out of top four.

(42:15) — Baylor 38, Kansas State 27: Dan and Ty discuss which team they would have put into the top four if not for Ohio State.

(55:30) — New Hampshire 44, Fordham 19: Dan and Ty mourn the loss of the final Patriot League team alive in the FCS playoffs.

(57:20) — Oklahoma State 38, Oklahoma 35.

(58:40) — Boise State 28, Fresno State 14.


Dan and Ty bring up some of the other non-playoff bowl games.


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