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College Football Week 10 Preview (10/29)


With Ty south of the border gallivanting in the Mexican sun, Dan is joined by SB Nation’s Ryan Nanni to break down all of the big interesting action of Week 10. This includes a makeshift ACC cocktail, the possibility of a pantsless Bret Bielema, figuring what exactly is scary about UCLA, and the most awkward Benihana meal ever.

Show Summary

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Note: SBNation’s Ryan Nanni joins Dan for this preview with Ty possibly enjoying Mexican food in Mexico.

(4:00) — NEWS

Dan and Ryan discuss the newly released rankings.

They also discuss the legal and other troubles at Florida State.

Todd Gurley was suspended for an extra two games, NCAA announced.



(12:00) — Auburn (+2.5) at Ole Miss: Dan discusses the injuries to the Rebels’ defense. That could be a problem against an explosive Tigers’ offense. Ryan thinks LSU’s game plan in its big win over Ole Miss can be similar to what Auburn wants to do — run, run, run. And he’s not sure if Dr. Bo is capable of keep Ole Miss in the game if Auburn’s offense getting going. Dan thinks if Auburn can score 24, that will be good enough to win.

(41:45) — Arkansas (+10.5) at Mississippi State: Dan is still not sure how good Arkansas may or may not be, given its up and downs. Because the Razorbacks can run the ball, at times, Dan says, should make opponents scared. However, Ryan points out that the Bulldogs will score, and Brandon Allen is likely not good enough to keep the Hogs in it.

BIG 12

(17:15) — TCU (-5.5) at West Virginia: It’s hard to find a weakness on TCU’s team, Ryan says, and that may be the biggest reason he’s leaning towards the Horned Frogs in this game. Dan thinks West Virginia’s back-7 can keep the Mountaineers in it.

PAC 12

(21:10) — Utah (+5.5) at Arizona State: Ryan thinks Arizona State may be outperforming its abilities, and have only faced on great defense in Stanford, which they struggled with. Dan likes how Utah has beaten more talented teams, and its lines on both sides of the ball are dominating seemingly better teams.

(35:50) — Stanford (+7.5) at Oregon: Dan thinks Oregon is in a good position because Kevin Hogan is so inconsistent, and the defense is getting healthier. He’s not confident with the Ducks, though. Ryan agrees with the assessment, but is much less worried about the Ducks’ potential to drop this game, pointing out Stanford’s underwhelming results so far this season on the road. Ryan locks up his pick.


(27:30) — Florida State (-3.5) at Louisville: Dan and Ryan both note Louisville’s excellent defense, but also point out that the Cardinals have not played high profile games this season, yet. Florida State still has the talent and quarterback edge by a wide margin. However, the Seminoles are not as impressive as they were last year, giving the Cardinals a chance.


Arizona (+6.5) at UCLA

Florida (+12.5) at Georgia

Notre Dame (-14) at Navy


LeHigh (1-6, 0-2) at Georgetown (2-6, 0-3)

Lafayette (3-5, 1-2) at Bucknell (6-1, 2-0)

Colgate (4-4, 2-0) at Fordham (7-1, 3-0)


Easy Call!

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