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Week 8 Recap (10/19)


Ty and Dan recap an incredible game between Notre Dame and Florida State, two upsets in the Big 12, and the emerging playoff picture in college football. Plus, a lookahead to Michigan State vs. Ohio State, Oregon’s road ahead, and the SEC’s likelihood of placing two teams in the playoffs.

Show Summary

(11:45) — GAME RECAPS


(12:00) — Florida State 31, Notre Dame 27: Dan notes that Florida State’s offense in the second half was impressive and the difference in the game. However, he also points out that Notre Dame’s offensive and defensive lines outplayed the Seminoles. Ty laments the fact that the Notre Dame receivers did not need to commit the offensive pass interference penalty that was called at the end of the game. He does say it was courageous call by the ref. He also was excited that Notre Dame was able to establish a running game.

BIG 12

(22:00) — West Virginia 41, Baylor 27: Ty was impressed with West Virginia’s defense for holding Baylor to just 27 points. Dan points out that Baylor is an entirely different team on the road than at home.

(26:00) — Kansas State 31, Oklahoma 30: Ty wants to know what happened to the Oklahoma defense that came into the season with massive talent and massive hype. Dan points to the absence of Frank Shannon as a big reason for Oklahoma falling short of expectations. Ty gives credit to Bill Snyder’s ability to reach the absolute potential of the talent.


(33:00) — Missouri 42, Florida 13: Both Dan and Ty note that this was just an awful game to watch, and Dan pulls out some great stats — both Dan and Ty are taller than the 1.1 yards per attempt that Maty Mauk put up passing the ball, and that most people walk further to get the mail than the 20 yards Mauk threw for during the game. Yet, that didn’t matter as Florida was still blown out.

(37:00) — Alabama 59, Texas A&M 0: Dan wants to know Ty’s favorite Aggies touchdown in this game. Ty points out the Alabama had over 170 rushing yards before contact. Dan notes that Alabama obviously was not happy after the 14-13 win over Arkansas the week before, even though Nick Saban claimed he and the team were.

(42:10) — Georgia 45, Arkansas 32: Ty doesn’t like it when Arkansas and Brandon Allen have to throw the ball. Dan says Arkansas is a very decent team, but just needs to rid themselves of some of the sloppy plays that put them at a disadvantage. Dan also notes that Hutson Mason has been steadily improving while relying on the punishing run game.

PAC 12

(47:15) — Arizona State 26, Stanford 10: Ty likes the balanced effort from Arizona State, and says it will be a big matchup with Notre Dame later in the season. Dan says Stanford’s offense may be just as bad as Florida’s, and Kevin Hogan is average on a good day. Ty wants to know when Stanford may pull the plug on Hogan at QB.

(52:45) — Oregon 45, Washington 20: Dan liked how Oregon looked during the game, and thought the defense made some progressions. The offensive line has also progressed with Jake Fisher back in the lineup. Washington’s defensive front was able to get some pressure at times, but were inconsistent in doing so, allowing Royce Freeman to run for four touchdowns and Marcus Mariota to throw the ball from the pocket.

(59:00) — BIG 10

The guys kind of jump around between the Ohio State (56-17 over Rutgers), Michigan State (56-17 over Indiana) and Nebraska (38-17 over Northwestern) wins while talking about the league as a whole. Ty jumps right to the Nov. 8 Michigan State vs. Ohio State game that he thinks will decide the BIG 10 championship.


Harvard 24, Lafayette 14

Yale 45, Colgate 31

Dartmouth 24, Holy Cross 21

LeHigh 31, Cornell 14


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