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Big 12 Preview with Jake Trotter (8/20)

Ty and Dan talk with Jake Trotter from ESPN.com about the hype surrounding Oklahoma, Baylor’s defense, Texas’s expectations, Oklahoma State’s quarterback situation and much more from the Big 12. Plus, some chatter about alleged academic misconduct at Notre Dame.

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Show Summary

The guys start off the show with some breaking news regarding Notre Dame’s recent allegations about academics impropriety. Dan takes a great deal of time to goad Ty about the grand stature of the Fighting Irish and their higher standard. Ty deflects all of Dan’s joking and then breaks down who’s involved and the impact this will have on the upcoming season.

7:48 – Ty eventually reaches his limit on the Irish and Dan brings up the suspension of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon over an alleged misdemeanor and then examines where the Sooners backfield stands. Ty asks Dan if he’s buying into Bob Stoops this year and wonders if people are putting too much stock into last year’s Sugar Bowl.

10:17 – Ty welcomes in Jake Trotter, Big 12 editor for ESPN.com, and Big 12 conference expert. Ty starts off by asking about the general favorite, Oklahoma, and how he sees the conference as a whole. Trotter brings up another favorite, Baylor, who shouldn’t be overlooked.

11:17 – As always, Ty and Dan each have taken half the conference to ask their guest about. The round starts with the Oklahoma Sooners. Ty asks how much stock we should put in the 2014 Sugar Bowl. Trotter says it all depends on quarterback Trevor Knight.

13:05 – Dan brings the news of Joe Mixon back up and asks about how that will impact the Sooners. Trotter brings up another incident involving an on-campus deli and says that it wasn’t all that surprising that he’s not going to be a big part of the season. He then continues by name-dropping the guys who will and who should step up at running back.

14:45 – Going from a team that finished in impressive fashion to another that did, but slipped at the end, the Baylor Bears. Should Bears fans feel better about the depth issues that started to plague the team last year? Trotter says the team, despite some starts, has some huge holes and that it all depends on how the defense cleans up.

16:24 – Even though they’ve been down lately, Dan says it’s hard to avoid talking about Texas, specifically their questions on offense and the offensive line. Trotter starts off by mentioning a lot of the areas where the Longhorns are strong but does admit some deficiencies at the offensive line and asks if the team will have good, consistent quarterback play, since they haven’t since Colt McCoy. Dan follows up by asking about Charlie Strong and which of his assistants will make the biggest impact on the team this season.

19:56 – Switching to Oklahoma State, Ty asks which quarterback will be starting for the Cowboys at the end of September. Trotter admits that it’s a good question, considering that they haven’t named anyone to start yet. He does mention Walsh, their starter in the past, and a new name that might work his way in. Ty then asks if the secondary is as sketchy as it looks on paper and the answer isn’t pretty.

23:23 – The conversation moves on to West Virginia, a team that could, according to Trotter, be as good as 8 wins or as poor as 3 wins. Ty admits that it’s a wide gap and asks if the defense will improve. Trotter says that the main problem is the schedule, which opens with Alabama and Maryland. He says it’s not all bad though, especially in the recruiting area.

26:00 – Dan says one the favorite topics of the Texas Tech offseason has been the Red Raiders defensive line and whether they can stop the run. Kingsbury, according to Trotter, has been focusing so much on junior college transfers for some quick relief.

27:53TCU seems dangerous, according to Dan, or at least as dangerous as a team that went 4-8 can be, given their staff and depth. Dan asks Trotter, “Are you a frog believer?” Trotter talks about some of the personnel that will step up this season and mentions some games that they were close in but let slip away.

29:50 – Speaking of teams bringing in JUCO recruits, Dan mentions Kansas State, which has some individual talent but will be welcoming in promising new talent. Is there a place on the field that you’re comfortable with and one you’re not with the Wildcats? Trotter mentions that Snyder has been bringing in that kind of talent for a while but this year was a little better than last year. He also mentions a key area of concern too.

32:05 – Ty mentions that the last time the guys spoke to Jake that he was bullish on Iowa State, considering Mark Magino was joining the offensive staff. Consider that comment was made back in March, does Trotter still feel optimistic about the Cyclones? He starts by going through some positive aspects of their offensive, including the second best line in the league, but he worries about defections.

34:00 – Ty closes the rundown with Kansas by shrugging. He asks about some general insight on the team and where they’re going next year. Trotter says the most of the conference, with a couple exceptions, will improve next year, including the Jayhawks and he explains why with examples of players coming back that should play well.

35:53 – How is your Summer? Dan talks to Jake about how his Summer has gone as the seasons transition to Fall and he’ll probably be working some long days. Among other things, he mentions a vacation that surprised him, given where it was and when he went.

39:00 – The guys close the show by mentioning that there’s only one more conference to go: the Pac 12. They also run down some of the better Facebook questions: What teams are in the Big 12? Best barbeque/team combination in the Big 12? Can Bill Snyder win another conference title? How far away is Texas Tech from competing for a Big 12 title?

41:00 – Ty has a final note, that the Solid Verbal is hosting another college football pick ’em poll and that the winner will get a free t-shirt. The guys handle a final Facebook question to close the show: Which preseason top 10 team, Oklahoma or Baylor, is more likely to end up in the top 10 at the end of the year?

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