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ACC Preview with Chip Patterson (8/6)

Ty and Dan talk with Chip Patterson from CBSSports.com about the upcoming ACC season, Florida State’s chances of losing, Duke’s chances of repeating last year’s results, Clemson’s defense, North Carolina’s schedule and Frank Beamer’s eight-win bed at Virginia Tech. 

Show Summary

Dan and Ty kickoff the show with a flashback to an old Frank Beamer moment and then dive into general thoughts on the conference heading into the 2014 season. They pontificate about the new quarterback at Clemson, Miami starting a make or break year, Wake Forest being Wake Forest and whether Duke can maintain their success and not head back to the gutter, among other teams.

5:40 – The guys dive into the breaking news of the week. Fall camps opened all over the country, DirecTV signed a deal to carry the SEC Network (while the Pac 12 Network remains behind), Alabama fans stampeded Nick Saban for an autograph, and ESPN’s Gameday program plans to add a DJ for the college kids in attendance. In sadder news, David Wilson’s career with the New York Giants might be done after several lingering injuries have emerged.

10:40 – Ty reads some Facebook questions before they welcome on Chip Patterson, editor at CBS Sports. Do you miss that there’s not an NCAA video game out this year? Who else should Miami start at quarterback besides Jake Heaps? Does Mike London get more than 5 wins to keep his job at Virginia? What’s the best college town in the ACC? Wake Forest? What does Syracuse need to do to get talked about on national TV? Is the AAC better than the ACC this year? Ty, do you feel good about Notre Dame? How much will Duke regress this year?

18:16 – Chip Patterson joins the guys to talk ACC football, continuing their preview coverage on a conference by conference level. They talk about their pre-season preparation, specifically the college football writers they follow.

19:30 – Ty starts by asking Chip which team in the ACC will beat Florida State this year. Chip mentions a key game on the Seminoles schedule, which is a road trip to Louisville on a Thursday night in October.

20:44 – Dan keeps the focus on Florida State by posing a question the guys brought up to Bud Elliott (@TomahawkNation), editor for Tomahawk Nation: If you were leading an above-average team to play Florida State, which aspect would you pick on in the hopes of pulling an upset? Chip doesn’t find much fault with the Seminoles defense, with a couple exceptions. Jameis Winston is not one of those exceptions.

23:18 – The other big power in the Atlantic seems to be Clemson. Dan asks if a very good and explosive defense combined with a good game plan from offensive coordinator Chad Morris can make up for many personnel questions the Tigers face in the coming season. Chip brings up a couple points of concern, including a historical roadblock for Clemson. Dan follows up by asking if Deshaun Watson has a legitimate shot at overtaking Cole Stoudt by the end of the year, through injury or otherwise. Chip seems less than enthusiastic about that idea but he does get a chance to show off his Dabo Swinney impersonation.

26:51 – Without missing a beat, Ty asks how Larry Fedora’s six pack has impacted the credibility of the ACC, which opens up a college football coach “hard body” conversation. Ty segues to ask about North Carolina’s schedule, which he describes as “tricky.” He thinks that the Tar Heels could win 8 games but be better than their record and he asks Chip if he agrees. Among other things, Patterson points to the Duke/North Carolina matchup as a pivotal one to decide the Coastal division, despite the Heels being a year away from being a favorite.

29:47 – Was the 2013 season a fluke for Duke? Ty asks this and then adds that while everyone can talk about specific positions, the bigger concern is whether the structure and foundation is there to keep the wins coming for more than just one season. Chip brings in some details about donations and future plans for the school, and also player development, to answer the question with conviction.

31:50 – The focus shifts to Louisville next, the newest member of the ACC. Dan asks if they are good enough and built up enough to compete. Chip throws out the word “sneaky” in his upbeat report of the Cardinals. Ty and Chip both seem to agree that their schedule helps them in case of shootouts. How many of their opponents can keep up?

33:57Boston College is replacing players at several key positions this season, both with incoming recruits and transfers. Appropriately, Dan asks Chip a simple question: are they a bowl team, or is this a stepping stone to a good season in 2015? Chip adds details about all the exits that Dan brings up but also mentions some reasons to be concerned.

35:14 – Dan mentions Syracuse as a team that people either seem to be weirdly confident in or just hedging, but a team that’s returning some of their best players. If they play efficient, he asks, does Chip see them as a scary team for opponents week in and week out? He has a very simple answer at first, but reiterates that the conference is probably down from last season. That gives the Golden Eagles an opportunity for improvement.

37:05 – Ty then brings up “Dan’s ACC team du jour,” the Pitt Panthers, which people are high on, thanks to returning talent and a helpful schedule. Ty asks if the secondary can stop people and if the team can recover from the loss of Aaron Donald after his moving on to the NFL. Chip starts with the gap Donald leaves and moves on to their schedule, and then name drops Jerry Hinnen (@JerryHinnen) as another fan of Pitt this year.

39:03 – Another team with a manageable schedule through the Coastal division is Virginia Tech, Ty mentions, and adds that people trust in Bud Foster to deliver a defense every year. The offense, though, stuttered with the addition of offensive coordinator Scot Leoffler last year. Why did that offense perform so poorly and how does it get fixed? Patterson doesn’t think Tech can be the Sandman-shouting, hard-hitting team of old without a big change on the offensive side of the ball, specifically being able to hold on to the ball and run.

42:29 – Keeping the conversation in the state of Virginia, Ty asks about the Cavaliers, a team that returns most of its once-young team. Is this the year that Virginia finally jumps up and realizes some of the promised potential? Just looking at the schedule, Chip seems less than enthusiastic.

44:35 – Dan finds a recurring theme within the ACC this year in transferred Florida quarterbacks, including North Carolina State’s Jacoby Brissett. He asks if the Wolfpack will see a noticeable improvement this year with Brissett at the helm of the offense, despite their coach being mostly defense-minded. Patterson brings up the point that the quarterback has been around with the team for a while, which inspires confidence. There are other reasons, though, to bring expectations down to Earth.

46:23 – As for Wake Forest, Dan asks if fans should expect a slow rebuilding year, much like last year, considering their recruiting challenges and personnel losses. Chip matter-of-factly states that Dave Clawson is one of his favorite coaches, if for no other reason than his honesty, specifically in regards to the lack of talent. Rebuilding that talent takes time. For a follow up question, Dan asks Chip, as a North Carolina resident, if he finds Wake fans tolerable. Chip denies the allegations that they are “meh.”

49:30 – In the interest of time, Ty brings up Miami to speak specifically about their defense, since opening up to both sides of the ball would take a while, as there are so many questions to ask about the Hurricanes. Ty asks about the state of affairs of that defense. Chip wonders if anyone on that defensive line can step up and elevate that unit to help stop teams.

51:07 – Ty says that Georgia Tech is the “Steve Sarkisian Dream Team,” as he is a lover of teams that win 7 games. What do the Yellow Jackets need to do to get over that 7-win hump and get back to seasons like 2009? Chip hopes they get back to smash-mouth football but he does admit their defense will probably hold them back. Speaking of holding back, Ty asks if Brian Kelly’s abs hold back the ACC. Chip brings math with his answer: a win-to-ab ratio.

53:15 – After mentioning Brian Kelly, Ty asks Chip if he’s done much research on Notre Dame, despite them not being an ACC team. Chip specifically singles out their running backs and mentions talking directly to Kelly, who seemed optimistic about the end of last season.

53:57 – Dan shifts things to a more personal note by asking Chip about his recent engagement, and whether he’s a romantic soul. He then asks how long he was with his fiance before posing the big question. The three then talk extensively about Chip’s ring choice and the story of the engagement.

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