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Facebook Fireworks (7/4)

Ty and Dan field a variety of questions from Facebook and discuss the second best quarterback in the ACC, potentially intriguing non-conference matchups, James Franklin’s good vibrations, and Under Armour’s new Notre Dame apparel. Plus, the ever-important hot-dog-or-hamburger debate, the gravitational pull of high school music preferences, and a 90s boy band deathmatch.

Show Summary

1:44 – Dan and Ty commiserate the scorching-hot weather hitting Brooklyn and show their excitement and hesitancy to dive into Facebook questions.

2:30 – The guys discuss their Independence Day plans, including fireworks, relaxing, and a whole bunch of eating. Dan makes a comparison between haircuts and sex.

4:15 – Dan breaks down the theme of the show, which will consist of questions submitted from listeners on Facebook, both of the football and non-football variety. “Uncomfortable Ty Topics” is a theme for some.

6:00 – Question One, from Michael: Which former coach would make the most awkward return to his former squad? The emailer gives Bobby Petrino as the main example, returning to Louisville after a stint in the NFL. The guys give their own answers: Todd Graham at Pitt, Charlie Weis at Notre Dame, Mack Brown at Texas and Lane Kiffin at Tennessee.

8:58 – Question Two, from Michael (again): Ty, are you going to “creepily” reveal your wedding registry places for the listeners? Dan says he broke the question to Ryan Nanni (@CelebrityHotTub) and he recommended a Verballer-only registry. Ty asks questions about this idea, specifically about the type of gifts and if they have to relate to football. Ty wishes for a “Multiplicity situation” so that he can hang out with The Solid Fiancé and watch football.

11:53 – Question Three, from Michael (again): Considering your favorite past time, of setting betting lines during other people’s weddings, do you know if someone at your wedding will continue that tradition? If so, what’s stopping Ty from collusion with said person to maximize profits? Ty says he’s considered a wedding pool for his own wedding and he says that he went to a wedding with information known beforehand and still had a pool made.

13:07 – Question Four, from Josh: Which never-before-played, non-conference matchup would you want to watch, factoring in coaches, fans and “internet bafoonery?” Both guys agree that Oregon versus Notre Dame is the obvious answer for this podcast. Ty wants Florida against Texas and Georgia against anyone else because of their “southern hospitality.” Dan just wants LSU to play anyone since their fanbase is usually pretty far-removed from any other, so Wisconsin versus LSU this year makes him happy.

16:10 – Question Five, from Matt: Can James Franklin keep up Penn State’s recruiting success? Ty immediately answers that he thinks he can and he doesn’t see why not, based on his success at Vanderbilt. Dan agrees and says he’s been impressive in how he’s been selling the program. But he does mention that it’s important he build up important stars, like Christian Hackenberg and Allen Robinson. Ty brings up the point that most Penn State fans have already seemed to forget about Bill O’Brien.

19:36 – Question Six, from Matt (again): In honor of Independence Day, how many hot dogs could each of them down in a eating contest? Dan says that Spencer Hall (@edsbs) did 10 when he tried it once and he sees them as equals, so he thinks he could hit double digits. Ty worries about the bun itself and, if eating quickly, he thinks he could do 7 or 8. They then discuss their preferences at a cookout and whether hot dogs or hamburgers get picked.

21:45 – Question Seven, from Sam: What advice would you give to a new college graduate that has no idea what to do in the real world? Ty asks Dan if they’ve even answered the question. Dan says they pay bills and feed themselves, so maybe they have. He mentions that Bruce Feldman (@BruceFeldmanCFB) had great advice: don’t be afraid to ask questions. They both agree on the need to prepare yourself for failure. “We’re actively failing, as we speak,” says Dan. They also mention communication and switching jobs professionally.

23:55  – Question Eight, from Will: Who’s the best quarterback in the ACC not named Jameis Winston? Dan thinks Clemson is the only other team at the top of the ACC, so that would include Cole Stoudt and Deshaun Watson, depending on who wins the job by the end of the year. North Carolina’s Marquise Williams gets a shout-out but Dan mentions that he was on academic suspension. Ty agrees on Williams and Anthony Boone from Duke. He thinks the dark horse is Jacoby Brisset, transferring from Florida to NC State. Pitt and Virginia also get nods.

25:52  – Question Nine, from Will (again): Which Baywatch girl did you have a crush on the most? Dan thinks that the top of the “double-mountain” is Pam Anderson and Yasmine Bleeth. Ty says Carmen Electra, before the “Dennis Rodman thing” and that she was the unattainable lifeguard. Dan’s dark horse is Donna D’errico. The two then discuss their Baywatch and VIP watching habits.

27:15  – Question Ten, from Brandon: Which team, through a beneficial schedule or sheer luck, will have a much better record while the talent level of the players/coaches remains the same as last year? Ty mentions Duke and that they’re setup for future success and the ability to win 9 games this year. Dan likes Pitt to improve, since they miss Clemson and FSU; Penn State; and Washington, despite being in the Pac-12 North, since they have the coaching upgrade.

29:21  – Question Eleven, from Brandon (again): What are your thoughts on friends who have weddings and baby showers during football season? Should you just stop being friends with them? Ty speaks from a first-person perspective and says that he wouldn’t have any problem if people at his wedding watched the game. Then again, he won’t have his wedding in the Fall. Dan says the grown up thing is to enjoy a wedding and miss some football but generally be understanding if you’re scheduling a wedding in a football-happy area.

34:01  – Question Twelve, from Nick: How did you guys meet and how did the podcast get started and how bad does the Florida offense have to be for Will Muchamp to get sacked during the season? Neither Ty nor Dan foresee Muschamp getting fired during the season since that usually doesn’t happen and requires significant rule-breaking. Dan brings up UF’s schedule and says that they could end up 2-6 through 8 games with a key loss to Kentucky. Ty brings up Lane Kiffin getting throttled by Arizona State and that leading to his firing. In regards to the origins of the podcast, Ty emailed Dan when they were both writing for SI.com, hoping to become pals, then Dan emailed back about starting a podcast. They didn’t actually meet until after two years after recording but now they’ve visited each other’s houses.

42:33  – Question Thirteen, from Justin: People say that once you get older you gravitate toward the music you liked in middle school and high school, so do you find that to be true? Ty says yes right off the bat and Dan says he still listens to the “dumb, dumb” pop from his school years. Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard and Brand New were on Dan’s playlist in early college. Ty liked Sum 41’s “All Killer, No Filler,” Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, and Yellowcard as well.

44:47  – Question Fourteen, from Jeremy: Is the future Mrs. Hildenbrandt (mid-question, Ty confirms that she will take his name) aware of how Ty lost his flower and is that something you’re required to talk about with your fiancé? Dan sought out the knowledge of Dr. Jane who says that it should have come out organically in conversation after so many years of dating. Ty agrees with Dr. Jane and then so does Dan, who refers to his “romantic liaisons.” Ty says there is an awareness of the details with The Solid Fiancé. Dan asks Ty to tell the story and asks if it’s traumatizing. Some details ensue, although not many.

48:26  – Question Fifteen, from Jason: After Ty awkwardly segues to Notre Dame switching to Under Armour gear on July 1st, the question comes up about their thoughts on the change. Ty says that he had the opportunity to review the new items and he likes the t-shirts but the short-sleeve polos “leave a lot to be desired” and he doesn’t like baseball caps at all. In short, he says, “They’re dreadful.” Dan doesn’t like the direction the company is headed in terms of uniform apparel.

50:34 – Question Sixteen, from Solius: Which ’90s boy band would win in an all-out battle royale? Dan goes with Boyz II Men based on their perceived athletic ability. Ty questions their legitimacy as a boy band and then mentions All-4-One as a dark horse.

52:18  – Ty closes the show with a fun fact: Americans on July 4th will eat an estimated 150 million hot dogs. Dan then dogs (pun intended) people who use ketchup on their hot dogs.

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