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State of the Unions (3/27)

Ty talks with John Infante from The Bylaw Blog about Kain Colter’s big victory and how unionization could affect college athletics in the short-term as well as the future.

Show Summary

With Dan unable to record, Ty flies solo and pulls Mama Hildenbrandt into the recording studio to serve as a Rubenstein stand-in. She lacks the wit and boyish charm, but is an appropriate foil as the show delves into the landmark ruling that, at least temporarily, gives Northwestern football players the right to form a union.

Ty is joined by John Infante from The Bylaw Blog to break this down into more detail. John has a deep understanding for all the moving parts and is able to answer questions about what it realistically means, including:

  • (5:28) Is the NCAA in any immediate danger given this ruling?
  • (6:15) What exactly does this ruling mean in the short-term for college athletics?
  • (8:06) Are student-athletes now actually considered employees?
  • (9:03) Is the ultimate endgame for all players to be paid?
  • (11:56) At what point will players on other teams try to form their own unions?
  • (13:34) How concerned is the NCAA, and how concerned should it be?
  • (15:04) Long-term, could this ruling eventually put smaller athletic programs out of business?
  • (16:46) What is the current state of the O’Bannon case?
  • (20:08) How many people are rooting against the NCAA simply because they do not like the NCAA?
  • (25:03) What’s the most significant under-the-radar topic that people don’t know or care about?

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