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Bring On The Bowls (12/8)

Ty and Dan make plans for Pasadena after big wins by Florida State and Auburn, and an Ohio State defeat.  Plus, an earthquake during Bedlam, an “ugly sweater” for Texas, and bowl match-ups presented with the flare of election coverage.  Regular Season Six of The Solid Verbal has come to a dramatic end.  Let’s go bowling.

Show Summary

Conference Championship Week has concluded and Dan and Ty are here to breakdown the action. But first, the final regular season Reverbs.

Dan says the first thing son his mind was how good Gus Malzahn’s offense looked and how complete Michigan State performed at the biggest point in the season.

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Michigan State vs. Ohio State: Ty was impressed by Connor Cook’s out-of-nowhere big time performance. Dan agrees, complementing the Spartan’s third down play and Cook’s ability to pick apart the Ohio State secondary. Both guys note how visible Michigan State’s adjustments were in the second half, even after giving up 24 straight points to the Buckeyes.

Auburn vs. Missouri: They play the shootout noise for this one. It’s clear the Tigers are one of the best stories of the year with Gus Malzahn’s complete turnaround of the program. Dan says despite all the things Missouri did well, it still wasn’t even that close in the waning minutes. The guys agree that watching Auburn execute its offense so well is really fun to watch. Ty points out the difference in the game was the Auburn defense in the second half, holding off Missouri just enough to allow the offense to separate.

Duke vs. Florida State: It only took one quarter for Florida State to get going, and they walk into the national championship game.

This sets up a nice matchup between the most efficient offensive and defensive team in the country versus a team that runs the ball as well as any team does anything else in the entire country.

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State: An earthquake struck near Stillwater during this game and Dan describes what it’s like to be in an earthquake for the novices. Oklahoma State loses and misses out on the Big 12 title while Oklahoma gets an invite to a BCS game. Dan is astounded that Bob Stoops has again won 10 games without a quarterback.

Texas at Baylor: Baylor wins the 2013 Big 12 title. Ty is appalled at how horrible Texas looked in trying to cover this football game. The guys talk about the mess in Austin with the possibility of Mack Brown retiring after this year.

Stanford at Arizona State: Arizona State again had no answer for the Stanford running game and, unusually, Kevin Hogan. The Sun Devils get shutout in the second half and again get their brains get bashed in. The guys are excited for Stanford/Michigan State with these teams looking like mirror images of each other.

Bowling Green vs. Northern Illinois

Fresno State vs. Utah State

The guys get into some prospective bowl matchups, coaching changes, revisit Florida State/Duke, talk iTunes banner ideas, BCS shows and FCS playoffs!

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