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Jewel of the South (12/4)

With Ty attending to some last minute business, Dan is joined by Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples to preview championship weekend, Bedlam, Baylor/Texas, as well as USC’s recent hiring of Steve Sarkisian, and certain plague of locusts scenarios. Oh and Ladies of the 90s trivia, because obviously.

Show Summary

With Ty is taking the night off, Dan is joined by Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated to break down championship week and the goings on in the college football.

They kick off the show by discussing the importance of last week’s Iron Bowl and gauge the historical significance of Auburn’s walk off win.

Auburn vs. Missouri: Dan thinks there has to be some kind of letdown with Auburn and Andy reminds listeners that Gus Malzahn just beat Nick Saban, so there’s no reason to think they won’t be prepared. Andy also notes that at this point players from both teams might feel they’re playing with house money and doesn’t think either team will be all that tight. Dan asks where the imbalance might be between these two teams and Andy says it has to be Auburn getting its run game chugging along. Both guys notice that Missouri is statistically better on defense. Andy says it’s a pick ‘em, but leans Missouri.

Michigan State vs. Ohio State: Dan thinks the best unit on the field is the Michigan State defense, especially the front seven. Andy is torn on what to feel about the Michigan State defense after watching Nebraska’s Amir Abdullah run comfortably against them, and fears what Carlos Hyde and Braxton Miller might do. On the question of the Spartan’s offense against Ohio State’s defense, Andy points out that the Buckeyes are weak in the secondary and with the play action, Michigan State should be able to move the ball.

Stanford at Arizona State: Dan points out that Stanford’s previous losses came on the road after playing a physical defense at home, and they played Notre Dame at home last week. Andy says to beat Stanford you have to make them one dimensional and can’t let them bulldoze you. The problem with that is Arizona State got bulldozed by Stanford earlier in the year. The show is briefly interrupted by a fire drill. The guys agree that the Sun Devils are playing at an extremely high level right now, among the highest in the country.

Duke vs. Florida State: Which elixir does Duke need to concoct to make this a game in Charlotte? Bad shrimp. Andy declares Florida State’s 22 starters the best in the country.

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State: Andy compares this year’s Oklahoma State team to the 2011 team and believes the ’11 team has a slight edge as the best Cowboys team ever.

Texas at Baylor: The guys agree a double digit spread is too much, but think Baylor ultimately wins. Andy implores the Bears to not gloss over the fact that Texas is really bad against the read option.

Bowling Green at Northern Illinois: Andy thinks this Northern Illinois team is a little bit better than last year, but not more deserving of a BCS bid than Oregon, Wisconsin, etc. He does give credit to Jordan Lynch for being a freak at quarterback, though, he’s not Heisman-worthy.

Dan and Andy then get into USC’s hire of Washington’s Steve Sarkisian and agree that it’s weird the Trojans keep trying to recreate the Pete Carroll-era. They also delve into where Washington will look to fill its head coaching position. The Texas job also is a topic of conversation and who they might pluck from the coaching landscape to replace Mack Brown.

Andy walks Dan through his culinary adventures from the season.

Chris the Capper calls in to pick Michigan State +5 over Ohio State and RollsRoyce5 also calls in to preview the SEC championship game.

Andy and Dan close out the show with trivia. Subject: Ladies of the ‘90s.

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