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December 2013

California, Here We Come (12/29)

Ty and Dan break down the Bill O’Brien-to-NFL rumors, analyze Nick Aliotti’s retirement, rehash bowl results and make predictions for the games to come.  Plus, a few e-mails and pure, unfettered excitement about The Solid Verbal’s trip to the BCS National Championship in California. Also, don’t forget to vote for the 2013 Verbie Awards!

Holiday Week (12/22)

Christmas Day at the South Pole (1976). Photo from SouthPoleStation.com

Ty and Dan run through the latest college football news, the first four bowl games, and a sampling of Verballer messages in the e-mail inbox.  Plus, an exciting announcement about The Solid Verbal’s trip to Pasadena and a moment of thanks at the Altar of Dan.

Anything Goes Wednesday (12/18)

Ty and Dan take a haphazard look at early bowl games, discuss the eight-man Texas search committee, and take another dip in the still-overflowing Verballer inbox. As bowl season draws closer, don’t forget to sign up for The Solid Verbal’s official bowl pool!  (It’s free.)

Macktion (12/15)

Ty and Dan discuss Mack Brown’s resignation, the future of Texas football, Jameis Winston’s Heisman victory, way-too-early looks at 2014 and a rapid fire analysis of this year’s bowl sponsors.

Super Duper Mega Show (12/11)

Ty and Dan rifle through 16-pages of e-mail questions from Verballers on topics ranging from college football to relationships and football-playing dinosaurs.  It’s the longest show in the history of The Solid Verbal, and it’s all over the place with your e-mails.

Bring On The Bowls (12/8)

Ty and Dan make plans for Pasadena after big wins by Florida State and Auburn, and an Ohio State defeat.  Plus, an earthquake during Bedlam, an “ugly sweater” for Texas, and bowl match-ups presented with the flare of election coverage.  Regular Season Six of The Solid Verbal has come to a dramatic end.  Let’s go [...]

Jewel of the South (12/4)

With Ty attending to some last minute business, Dan is joined by Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples to preview championship weekend, Bedlam, Baylor/Texas, as well as USC’s recent hiring of Steve Sarkisian, and certain plague of locusts scenarios. Oh and Ladies of the 90s trivia, because obviously.

The Fleming System: Computer Bowl Picks and Week 15 Rankings

This week, I have gone through the rankings and the bowl tie-ins to try to anticipate which teams will play in which bowls? First, please understand that this is just the computer picking the participants.  I have used TFS overall rankings to pick the ten BCS bowl teams.  After that, I have used the ranking [...]

Let The Big Dogs Eat (12/1)

Ty and Dan walk back through the wildest week of the 2013 college football season, including Auburn’s incredible victory over top ranked Alabama, Missouri’s continued success, Ohio State’s near miss against Michigan, Oregon’s slim win in the Civil War, and Florida State’s march to Pasadena.  Plus, a lively batch of Week 14 Reverbs.