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The Big Picture (11/17)

Ty and Dan examine how college football’s Week 12 impacts the BCS Title picture and discuss the effect of Duke’s win over Miami, USC’s upset of Stanford, and Baylor’s triumph over first quarter adversity.  Plus, a wild win for Auburn, a song for Seven Win Steve Sarkisian, Aaron Murray in a losing effort, and a vibrant batch of Reverbs.

Show Summary

The guys lead off with the news of Baylor overtaking Ohio State in the AP Poll and Ty says 80 percent of the dumb comments The Solid Verbal receives are from self-identified Ohio State fans.

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Stanford at USC: Dan declares Ty heroic for seeing the truth and picking the Trojans on last week’s show. Dan says it’s a program defining win, getting it done with good defense and taking care of the ball. The guys agree it’s a very “modern” USC victory and they comment on how different the program looks under Ed Orgeron than it did under Lane Kiffin.

Georgia at Auburn: It looked like Georgia had the game in the bag after Auburn coughed up the lead, until the miracle desperation pass at the very end.  Dan says he and Celebrity Hot Tub were running around, giggling and screaming when Auburn scored. He also says he’s concerned Auburn is going to get routed by Alabama because they blew the lead so badly.

Alabama at Mississippi State: Ty says Alabama looked bored and uninspired against the Bulldogs. He’s confident the Tide will run Auburn off the field. Dan doesn’t think Mississippi State is very good, but notes they’ve only lost to ranked teams.

Syracuse at Florida State: Florida State was so effective that it only had four third down attempts. Jameis Winston didn’t looked affected by his off field issues on the field. Ty wonders if Ohio State beats Michigan State in the Big Ten title game and Florida State beats Duke, if the Noles could get leapfrogged.

Duke at Miami

Baylor vs. Texas Tech: Another ho-hum boat racing by Baylor. Ty liked to see Baylor down and able to come back. Dan wishes they would’ve played someone early in the season so they’d have a more complete schedule. The Bears have their Super Bowl next week against Oklahoma State.

Michigan State at Nebraska:  The guys want to send a gift to the Cornhusker radio guys because they sound so genuinely frustrated. Nebraska was within striking range to win the game and blew it up.

Oklahoma State at Texas: The Cowboys drill the Longhorns, ending their winning streak.

Utah at Oregon: Dan says Oregon’s offensive line hasn’t been great this year and hasn’t been getting a good push like they have in years past. Dan uses the phrase “secret fat” to describe the Ducks.  

Georgia Tech at Clemson: Clemson jumped out to a 20-0 lead in the first quarter-and-a-half and the game was over from there.

Florida at South Carolina: This was an ugly game. South Carolina stays alive in the SEC East race, while Florida looks like it’s going to miss out on bowl season.

Washington at UCLA: The legend of Miles Jack continues to grow as he ferociously scores four touchdowns and UCLA gets a nice win. Dan continues to gloat that Washington still hasn’t won a road game on a college campus in a year.

Michigan at Northwestern: Dan says Devin Gardner is clearly the second best quarterback in the Big Ten and is still not very good.

The guys go rapid fire with the remainder of the games on their week 12 slate, Ty recaps his trip to State College and they rundown the Patriot League scores.

The Solid Verbal is the best podcast for college football. Because you don’t just love college football, you live it.

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