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Quadruple Barrel (11/13)

Ty and Dan delve into a sneaky good slate of Week 12 games as well as the the e-mail inbox while making their multiple barreled locks of the week.  Also, proposed teambuilding activities at the first Playoff Committee meeting and a special visit from Mama Hildenbrandt, who picks some winners and rants on Urban Meyer and Miranda Lambert.

Show Summary

The show opens with Dan feeling bitter about the changing seasons and Ty sharing his plans to he’s visit State College during the weekend.

Ty and Dan lead off talking about the playoff selection committee meeting, Ohio State’s Evan Spencer talking trash and a Michigan fan blaming a DUI on Al Borges.

Also, an announcement on the Verbies: you can now nominate candidates or suggest categories at the SolidVerbal.com.

Georgia Tech at Clemson: Georgia Tech is an unlikely four-way tie in the ACC Coastal. Both guys agree and pick Clemson because its playing at home and has one of its best defensive lines in years.

Washington at UCLA: Is it time to bust out the “Seven Game Steve” song? Ty is interested in seeing how Washington’s defense handles UCLA’s passing attack. Dan is eager to trumpet the fact that Washington has zero wins on a college campus this year. They both like Washington.

Georgia at Auburn: Ty likes Georgia outright, thinking Auburn might be a little ahead of its skis and that Georgia can beat them in a shootout. Dan isn’t crazy about Georgia on the road against a good team, especially as wounded as the Bulldogs are.

Oklahoma State at Texas: Dan’s feels good about Texas as its offensive coaching issues appearing to be resolved. On the flip side, Oklahoma State’s offense has been up and down all year and that’s cause for concern. Oklahoma State does controls its own destiny in the Big 12. Ty locks up Texas. Dan retroactively locks up Texas.

Michigan State at Nebraska: Dan likes the Spartans coming off a bye and thinks they can do well enough on both sides of the ball to win. Ty also likes Michigan State, who allow the fewest yards per play in the country. He goes double-barrel, locking up the Spartans.

Miami at Duke: Dan thinks Miami wins behind a strong running game and an offensive line that’s too much for the Dukies to match. Ty thinks Duke comes to play, knowing they can win the Coastal, but isn’t confident.

Utah at Oregon: West Coast Wally throws out that teams are 2-6 in the game following a Stanford loss. Dan says Utah is better than their record and has been frisky with every good team they’ve played. However, Utah is terrible on the road and thinks Oregon crushes the Utes.

Florida at South Carolina: Florida is freefalling and needs to win this game to have a chance at a bowl game. South Carolina is still very much alive in the SEC East. The guys think the Gators get drilled.

Texas Tech at Baylor: Vegas can’t set the lines high enough for Baylor. Ty was impressed that the Bears were able to keep flying on offense against a good Oklahoma defense. Dan thinks Baylor steamrolls the Red Raiders. Ty feels strongly about Baylor and locks them up as well.

Stanford at USC: Stanford’s running game goes toe-to-toe with the No. 2 USC run defense. Dan thinks it’s a bad matchup for USC and Ty thinks this is a potential letdown spot for the Cardinal. Ty quadruple-barrel locks USC.

The guys go Lightning Round next, examining the weekend’s Patriot League action, as well as Katie the Capper’s picks. Momma Hildenbrant as makes a guest appearance too, picking games.

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