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College Football is Back! (9/1)

Ty and Dan welcome back college football by reviewing a wild first weekend, including Clemson’s shootout victory over Georgia, Alabama’s rout of Virginia Tech, LSU’s impressive showing against TCU, and USC’s underwhelming performance against Hawaii. Plus, tips for dealing with Manzielapocalypse, watching Tommy Rees, and the answer to an age old question: How many batteries does it take to beat Kansas State? (Just one double-A!)

Show Summary

On today’s episode of The Solid Verbal, Dan and Ty examine the first weekend of college football action

They start off talking about their highlights from the weekend. Dan says Saturday evening’s “November feel” with all of the action playing out at the same time was what struck him about the first weekend. Ty says Villanova running the Annexation of Puerto Rico was his highlight.

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South Carolina v. North Carolina: Ty laments ESPN’s drumming on Jadeveon Clowney and his so-called “bad game.” Dan laments Ty’s self-inflicated poisoning of his mind after listening to Mike and Mike. Both guys were impressed by the Gamecocks.

Hawaii v. USC: Dan and Ty note how soft USC looked early on with poor quarterback play, but the defense managed to wear Hawaii down. They also comment on the difference in offenses between former co-offensive coordinators in Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian.

Kansas State v. North Dakota State: How many batteries does it take to beat the Wildcats?! The answer will shock you.

Clemson v. Georgia: The game of the weekend lived up to its billing. Both teams played road bump-defense in a shootout, but it was Tajh Boyd who ended up being the difference maker.

Alabama v. Virginia Tech: The guys argue that the score line was deceiving, with Virginia Tech looking strong on defense and Alabama only scoring 14 points on offense. Dan says it’s worth keeping an eye on the Alabama offensive line, but nothing worth being overly worried about. What should be cause for concern was Logan Thomas’ performance, only completing 19 percent of his passes.

Texas A&M v. Rice: Without Johnny Manziel in the first half, Rice keeps it close, but Johnny Football returns to the field and stirs up the college football pot. Dan and Ty express their exasperation with the Manziel character dissection and how his actions are tearing at the fabric of American society.

Florida v. Toledo: Florida wins ugly against a solid Toledo team. Dan accepts the Gators for who they are.

LSU v. TCU: Ty and Dan feel like LSU’s offense looked organized for the first time in a long time, and it paid off with a win. The guys come away very impressed with the Tigers and give them the edge over Alabama when reviewing their respective week one performances.

Notre Dame v. Temple: Ty sings Tommy Reesus’ praises and his command of the offense. Overall, he pleased with the Fighting Irish’s performance. Dan looks forward to Ty’s increased level of kookiness with Michigan up next.

Ohio State v. Buffalo

Nebraska v. Wyoming

Michigan State v. Western Michigan

Indiana v. Indiana State

Wisconsin v. UMass

Iowa v. Northern Illinois

Illinois v. Southern Illinois

Penn State v. Syracuse: Ty insists that Penn State should’ve covered and he likes how freshman quarterback Christian Hackenberg looked in his first outing. He was satisfied with the Nittany Lions’ first game, all injuries and inconsistencies considered.

Cal v. Northwestern: Cal freshman quarterback Jared Goff throws 63 times for 445 yards in a losing effort. Northwestern makes the most of a chance to make an early season statement on the road, and Dan thinks this game bodes well for both squads going forward.

Washington v. Boise State: Ty declares this a good old fashion boat racing by Washington. Dan won’t declare the Huskies a Pac-12 North contender quite yet, but they looked dominant throughout the entire game.

Oregon State v. Eastern Washington: In what was probably the biggest upset of the day, Eastern Washington quarterback Vernon Adams throws for 411 yards and and four touchdowns and another 107 yards and two scores on the ground. Dan implores the Oregon State defense to cut out their shenanigans.

Oregon v. Nicholls State

Oklahoma State v. Mississippi State  

Oklahoma v. ULM: Ty notes the bizarre nature of Trevor Knight’s stat line and it shows that the Sooners are trying something different with their offense. Dan says the biggest take away has to be the Oklahoma defense shutting out a decent ULM side.

Texas v. New Mexico State: Texas will have its handful with Ole Miss in a few weeks.

The show closes with Ty and Dan touching on a few of the smaller story lines gleaned from the first weekend.

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