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Siri Likes Oregon State (8/21)

Ty and Dan delve into a sordid pile of Verballer questions, from Texas A&M’s strategy with Johnny Manziel to the most average teams in the country.  Plus, a live interview with Siri, more tips on “Office Reading” and a potentially uncomfortable email encounter with an adult film star.

Show Summary

On today’s episode of The Solid Verbal, Ty and Dan keep trucking through Verballer emails, tweets and Facebook messages as the season looms just over the horizon.

Before diving in, Ty reminds Verballers to check out FanDuel.com for one-day fantasy match-ups with cash payouts every week. Check out the site and enter in  promo code “TD” to receive a special offer.

Dan and Ty move onto Verballer mail, where they hit on a myriad of topics and questions. Here are the notables:

  • Has Ty hopped aboard the Tommy “Reesus” movement that’s sweeping the Irish faithful? He proves his allegiance with a new sound drop.
  • What is Texas A&M’s strategy in playing versus not playing Johnny Manziel? Do they hold him out during week one? Include him in the side? Dan breaks down the situation.
  • A request for “Nick Foles in a Losing Effort” as Foles loses out to Mike Vick in the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback derby.
  • A Verballer theorizes that Arkansas’ game against the Gators in the Swamp could be a potential trap for the home side.
  • Robert Marve vs. Case Keenum in battle of sixth-year seniors
  • Which of the ‘90s “Buzz Ballads” would the guys select as Nick Saban’s stadium entrance music? Ty does his homework and selects the perfect tune.
  • A Verballer introduces the “Third Party Jersey Challenge” where he and his friends go back and forth looking for obscure and irrelevant jerseys at sporting events.
  • A call is put out to Verballers to post pictures of their natural listening habitats to the Facebook page
  • More office reading advice
  • Dan’s guacamole game
  • What’re the best job perks: Unencumbered internet access, casual dress code, free snacks, ability to work from home, office gym, flexible scheduling or office beer?
  • What is the most difficult game for Oregon outside of Stanford?
  • Dan’s green pants
  • Siri announces Oregon State is her favorite college football team
  • Thoughts on Barry Alvarez’s comments about Brett Bielema
  • Mayo vs. Miracle Whip
  • Yay or nay for jean shorts?
  • Who’s the most average team in the country?
  • Is the Texas A&M defense is overrated?

The show closes with a conversation about Lexington Steele and if The Solid Verbal could use his talents to pick a few games this season.

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