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Down to the Nitty Gritty (8/19)

Can Larry Fedora take North Carolina from "Others Receiving Votes" to a BCS contender? (PHOTO: Flickr/ Brian Allen)

Ty and Dan come to the realization that college football is near and inspect the “Others Receiving Votes” section of the preseason AP Top 25 in hopes of finding a sleeper BCS Contender.  Plus, new quarterbacks, old quarterbacks, injury concerns, social media awkwardness, and pro tips for reading sports articles in a corporate setting without getting caught.

Show Summary

Today on The Solid Verbal, Dan and Ty creep closer to the college football season, looking at the AP Top 25, examining quarterback news and cracking open the ole inbox to answer some Verballer mail.

With the AP poll out, Dan points out that BCS-runner up Notre Dame was among the “other teams receiving votes” last preseason. He then reels off this year’s batch of teams and they discuss which team from this group could make a run. Ty is intrigued by Miami, Georgia Teach and Arizona State. Dan likes Baylor and, “lord help me,” Ole Miss. Dan makes his case for the Rebels.

The guys get into a few of starting quarterbacks named this week, starting with JUCO transfer Nick Marshall at Auburn. Is Gus Malzahn a good enough coach to put Marshall in position to be a bowl quarterback? Ty says nay, while Dan argues on the other side.

Sonny Dykes named freshman Jared Goff  the starter at Cal and Dan and Ty think the move makes sense as new head coaches normally gets a pass in their first season.

Elsewhere, Andrew Maxwell is again enshrined as Michigan State’s quarterback, Rob Henry of Rob Henry Toyota is named the starter at Purdue and the guys break down the quarterback quandary at at Penn State.

They move onto Dan’s Facebook question: “Where can your team least afford injury (other than QB)?” Ty expresses concern with a potential injury in Notre Dame’s secondary and Dan says the interior offensive line position for Oregon is thin.

They break off for a moment to discuss Facebook and Twitter drama, and Ty talks about an unintentionally risqué status he once posted. Then they run lightening round-style through the comments from the Facebook post covering a wide range of teams.

The inbox is cracked and a Verballer writes in asking for tips on keeping up with college football while working a desk job. Another Verballer writes to ask Ty for his contingency plan if Dan were hit by a bread truck.

The show closes with a Secret Verbal.

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