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Notre Dame Preview with Mike Frank (7/24, Part 2)

Ty talks with Mike Frank from IrishSportsDaily.com about the re-emergence of Tommy Rees as Notre Dame’s starting quarterback, the unanswered questions in the Irish backfield, the potential of a Te’o-less defense, and realistic expectations given the 2013 schedule.

Show Summary

Today on part two of The Solid Verbal, Ty continues to carry the talisman alone and speaks with Mike Frank from Irish Sports Daily to talk all things Notre Dame football.

Ty leads off by addressing the Notre Dame detractors who often declare that the Irish were vastly overrated in 2012. Mike rebukes this, stating how difficult it is to go 12-0 and how Notre Dame’s lack of physical practices leading to the championship game hurt them in the end.

The guys then get into the Everett Golson situation and Mike thinks it could be more impactful than most fans believe. Before examining the future quarterback situation, Tommy Rees comes up and Mike thinks he takes a step forward this year as a seasoned-senior. As far as Golson is concerned, Mike points to his year off from football and how it will probably stunt his growth as a player if he does return in 2014.

And, if Golson does return in 2014, Brian Kelly will have a logjam at quarterback with Andrew Hendrix and Malik Zaire both looking for playing time.

They move onto the running back position and discuss the need for production to support Tommy Rees. Mike says there are a lot of options on the roster, but no clear distinction as to who will be the no. 1, every down back.

Ty asks what concerns him the most with the defense going into this year and Mike expresses concern about the defensive line. The loss of the immovable object Kapron Lewis-Moore could cause issues as he cemented the line last year. Mike also says there’s need for some greater consistency with the pass rush to allow the secondary to do its job.

Ty and Mike close the show by examining Notre Dame’s schedule. They go through game-by-game, looking at the matchups, and Will gives his confidence level, one through ten, for each match. The schedule and confidence ratings are as follows:

  • Temple – 9
  • @Michigan – 6
  • @Purdue – 7
  • Michigan State – 6
  • Oklahoma – 6 to 7
  • Arizona State @ Cowboys Stadium – 6
  • USC – 5
  • @Air Force – 6 (Ty goes with a 3)
  • Navy – 7
  • @Pitt – 5
  • BYU – 6
  • @Stanford – 4
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