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Fighting Like Cats And Dogs (7/24, Part 1)

Ty talks with T. Kyle King about his new book, Fighting Like Cats And Dogs, the history of the Georgia-Clemson rivalry and its significance moving forward into the 2013 season.

Show Summary

Today on part one of The Solid Verbal, Ty rides solo with Dan in California for West Coast Kevin’s wedding (Congrats Mr. & Mrs. West Coast!). Fear not, as Ty is joined by T. Kyle King from Dawg Sports, as well as the author of the book “Fighting Like Cats and Dogs.”

They lead off by talking about the book which profiles the Clemson-Georgia rivalry, a rivalry that dates all the way back to a pair of classmates at Johns Hopkins University in 1890.

Kyle talks about the similarities between the fan bases and the characters who are tied to both schools, but he brings up the interesting point that this rivalry began long before either team started playing its instate or conference rivals.

Ty then asks Kyle about this year’s game to kick off the season. Kyle says it won’t be like the grind-it-out style often seen during the peak years of the rivalry, and instead we should expect to see a shootout.

They move on from the Clemson game and look ahead to Georgia’s prospects this year with a focus on the Bulldog’s tough first month.

The show closes out with a Mark Richt retrospective and how his teams have fared and the conference circumstances they’ve faced.

If you’d like to order Kyle’s book, click here for an order form.

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