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Call-Ins (7/22)

Ty and Dan open up the phones and take calls from all corners of the Verballerhood on topics ranging from Ohio State’s recent woes to the sneaky-goodness of Miami to the state of Colorado football and much more.

Show Summary

Today on The Solid Verbal, Dan and Ty have their first ever live call-in show, hitting on a lot of Ohio State talk (Good and bad), Oregon’s dominance in NCAA ’14, national championship contenders, and even a pair of discussions on Colorado football and the Northwestern Wildcats.

The boys lead off with some Urban Meyer talk, as two more of his players at Ohio State are embroiled with legal troubles.

The first caller to The Solid Verbal is Zed from Eugene, Ore., who asks Dan if he thinks the Oregon team in NCAA ‘14 is the best video game version of Oregon to date?

Will from Birmingham, Ala., calls in to ask which coaches in the SEC are most likely to go after this season, taking into consideration a whole batch of new coaches were just hired. The guys also get Will’s thoughts on the return of Gus Malzahn to Auburn and how many wins to expect from the Tigers this year.

Mike from Philadelphia asks the guys what teams with no preseason buzz surrounding them could push their way into the national championship conversation, a la Notre Dame and Kansas State from last year. Mike also reveals he’s an Irish fan and Ty proclaims he can’t turn back on his anti-Tommy Rees sentiment.

Next, Rich from Colorado calls in to talk about some Buffalo football and Rich confesses his only hope is they don’t lose to Central Arkansas. Dan then breaks down the very basics of what Colorado needs to do on the field to start trending in the right direction.

Ty’s Uncle Joe calls in to ask the guys about Notre Dame, specifically what they need to do to be consistent players in the BCS scene and what to expect during the 2013 campaign.

Before he departs, Uncle Joe leaves Ty and Dan with two more questions: Will Chip Kelly succeed in the NFL? And how do they feel about Alabama for a three-peat? Dan thinks because of Kelly’s ability to adapt to and get the most out of the talent around him, he will be successful. Ty wonders how anyone could bet against Alabama, while Dan disagrees, believing it’s unlikely they’ll have every break for a third straight year.

Alex from Chicago calls in and as a Northwestern fan, he asks the guys for thoughts on how the Wildcats might fare in the Big Ten this year. Alex follows up by asking about Ohio State and how the recent off field transgressions might impact the squad.

The last call comes is Hunter from Kansas who calls in to alleviate the fears of Ohio State fans, saying there is depth at running back to replace Carlos Hyde and 12-0 is still a very real possibility. Hunter also agrees with Dan and Ty in that Purdue could be the slip-up game for the Buckeyes.

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