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Dunzo or Not Dunzo (7/17)

Ty and Dan partake in an experimental game of ‘Dunzo or Not Dunzo’ and evaluate Johnny Manziel’s off-field run-ins, Ohio State’s chances of going undefeated, the SEC’s chances of winning an eighth straight title, random text messages about strippers, and much more.

Show Summary

Today on The Solid Verbal, Dan and Ty introduce a new game to share their hot sports takes, called “Dunzo or Not Dunzo.” They start off the show by discussing a text Ty received involving a stripper from a number he didn’t recognize. Dan eggs on Ty into continuing the conversation and they update the listeners throughout the show with the responses from the unknown number.

They follow up with an announcement that Monday they’ll have their first ever live call-in show and request listeners fill out a survey over at Podcast One.

Tonight, a new a game show is introduced to the show — set to the music from Laguna Beach — in which Dan has a list of college football topics and Ty gives his hot sports take on each, by declaring them “Dunzo or Not Dunzo.” The list of topics are as follows:

  • Johnny Manziel improving upon or replicating his 2012 season
  • Johnny Manziel as a human being in the spotlight
  • Brett Bielema and Arkansas’ chances in 2013
  • An improved 2013 Virginia Tech Hokies
  • Ty making peace with Tommy Rees
  • The 2013 national champion will not be a traditional power
  • Steve Sarkisian is done at Washington after this year
  • Texas is Texas again
  • Florida’s offense
  • Mark Helfrich makes a BCS bowl in his first season at Oregon, keeping their streak alive
  • Boise State is in a BCS game
  • Michigan State’s offense
  • Ohio State 12-0

The guys close out the show with Ty’s tale of his first experience at a strip joint called the “Pleasure Dome.” Things get weird.

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