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Rants and Raves (7/10)

Ty and Dan spar over Oregon’s fortunate sanctions, Tennessee’s defense, Maryland’s sneaky-goodness, Matt Leinart’s love life, celebrity softball prospects, and pre-made salads from Trader Joe’s.

Show Summary

Today on The Solid Verbal, Ty and Dan return from their brief hiatus and hit on some news and notes, dive into the inbox for listener questions and discuss Ty’s trip to California.

They lead off with the Oregon “sanctions,” which ultimately resulted in a slap on the wrist. Dan discusses the minor impact it will have on the program and is ultimately at peace with the NCAA’s decision.

They hit on some other notes that includes Virginia Tech’s Michael Holmes and the impact his departure could have on the team, Connor Brewer leaving Texas, Everett Golson’s vow to return to return to Notre Dame and Maryland’s Wes Brown racking up some unique charges with the law.

They continue on the topic of Maryland and examine the Terrapin’s dark horse status going into 2013. The guys think that with a Randy Edsall defense, an actual quarterback playing quarterback and a favorable schedule, the Terps could be sneaky good.

Dan and Ty go to the inbox and answer questions on Tennessee’s defense, which program will be hot next offseason a la Texas A&M and which coaches would you assemble for an Ocean’s 11 cast of characters. The Ocean’s 11 topic transitions into a conversation on which college coaches would actually be involved in a bank heist.

They wade deeper into the inbox, sharing their thoughts on Rich Rodriguez’s wild west video, what ‘90s Nickelodeon game shows they’d like to be on, which current celebrities would do the best on Rock N’ Jock Softball and how conferences can avoid falling into the “X conference sucks” conversation.

Ty goes on a rant about a fan post on Black Shoe Diaries that attacks Notre Dame in dumb and ridiculous fashion.

The show closes out with talk of Ty’s trip to California. Dan mocks Ty’s vacation activities and reveals he’s not a fan of zoos.

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