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June 2013

Dateline CFB (6/19)

Ty and Dan answer e-mail and Facebook questions while reading off the turbulent tales of Verballers who had bad dating experiences at college football-related events.

Bill Connelly, the Big 12 and the SEC (6/18)

Ty and Dan talk with Bill Connelly about a wide range of teams from the Big 12 and SEC before veering drastically off course to discuss first dates.  Also, Ty gets shown up in an Asian restaurant in New York City. [summary] Today on The Solid Verbal, Dan and Ty are joined by Bill Connelly [...]

Comment Box (6/13)

Ty and Dan rank their favorite ACC quarterbacks, discuss new coaches who are poised to thrive and delve into a variety of listener questions, ranging from Bob Stoops’ big mouth and secret rooting interests to Starburst power rankings and a Mount Rushmore of adolescent celebrity crushes. [summary] Today on The Solid Verbal, Dan and Ty [...]

Kegs, Eggs and Kramer (6/10)

Ty and Dan talk with Adam Kramer from Bleacher Report and Kegs ‘n Eggs about the college football point spreads released by the Golden Nugget, what they mean to the average bettor, and how they should be interpreted by the average fan.  Plus, an honest discussion about super “public” teams, way-too-early betting locks, an impromptu [...]

Social Media (6/5)

Ty and Dan play a quick and uncomfortable game of Buy Or Sell before delving into the inbox, Twitter feed and Facebook threads for Verballer questions about FBS possibilities in Mexico, college coaches on The Bachelor, football viewing habits, and Matthew McConaughey.

Budding Stars (6/3)

Ty and Dan talk with SBNation’s Bud Elliott about the incoming class of freshmen recruits and evaluate which prospects will make an immediate impact.