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April 2013

EDSBS’s Spencer Hall (4/30)

With Ty in full recovery mode from his recent shoulder surgery, Dan shoulders the load (right?) and speaks with Spencer Hall about Florida, Urban Meyer, Johnny Manziel, USC's 2013, Tim Brando, and sex tapes. Indeed.

Mocking The Draft with Dan Kadar (4/24)

Ty and Dan talk to Dan Kadar of MockingTheDraft.com about can't-miss players in the 2013 NFL Draft, the lackluster quarterback class, trends in scouting and prognosticating, the success of Alabama players at the next level, Tyrann Mathieu's canceled draft party, and the lasting effects of the Lennay Kekua saga.

Spring Game Fever: Part II (4/22)

Ty and Dan run through another weekend of spring games and highlight Alabama's nine turnovers, Auburn's record turnout, Arkansas' newfound stability, LSU's exciting offense, Wisconsin's boring offense, Oklahoma State's quarterback depth, Penn State's quarterback questions, Washington State's defense, and Notre Dame's new commentator.

Spring Game Fever (4/18)

Ty and Dan deep-drill eight great spring games and examine the competition at right tackle for Ohio State, Michigan's defensive line, the Jameis Winston hype machine, Johnny Football's scare, Clemson's injuries, Stanford's forward progress, and quarterback battles at both Oklahoma and USC.

Tim Cowlishaw (4/10)

Ty and Dan chat with Tim Cowlishaw from the Dallas Morning News and ESPN about his book, Drunk On Sports, the state of football in Texas, the overnight fame of Johnny Manziel, Jimmy Johnson's success as a college coach in the NFL, and much more.

Zombie Wednesday (4/3)

Ty and Dan power through crippling exhaustion to field questions from Verballers on BCS bottom dwellers, the endgame for Bo Pelini, and the next Matt Barkley.  Plus, a weird post on a Michigan State message board, bizarre sports jerseys, baseball cards, pogs, and Lane Kiffin.

With Spring Wide Open (4/1)

Ty and Dan talk with Chip Patterson from CBSSports.com about a range of spring storylines from North Carolina State to Washington State, the reality of being a rival college football podcaster, the career of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and the first and only Scott Stapp impression in the history of the show. [summary] On today’s episode [...]