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March 2013

Current Affairs (3/27)

Ty and Dan delve into college football's current events, including Johnny Manziel's exodus from Twitter, Arlington's lock for the 2015 title game, Michigan's "new" offense with Devin Gardner, David Shaw's recruiting mandate, Notre Dame's wave of transfers, and career opportunities for men named "Gunner".

Spring Has Sprung (3/25)

Ty and Dan quiz CBS Sports' Bruce Feldman on the key spring storylines in college football, the hottest position battles at major programs and 90s R&B music. [summary] On today’s episode of the Solid Verbal, Ty and Dan are joined by Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports to talk about his travels, spring story lines and [...]

Lounging in the Hot Tub (3/20)

Ty is off doing day job stuff, so Dan is joined by EDSBS and Deadspin's Celebrity Hot Tub to discuss all things, well, who knows. There's a little bit of college football and a lot of life talk in the next hour. I can't promise you'll be smarter, but after listening, you'll definitely be an [...]

Who’s the Pope? (3/13)

Ty and Dan talk with Stewart Mandel about spring storylines in the Pac-12, the rise of Michigan and Ohio State, Texas A&M's stock, television shows and possible suitors for a hypothetical Pope of College Football.  Plus, an in-depth discussion about the diseases in Oregon Trail and American Gladiators. [summary] On today’s Solid Verbal, Ty and [...]

Verballer Mail (3/11)

Ty and Dan delve into a healthy batch of college football and non-college football questions courtesy of the listening public.  It gets a little weird. [summary] In today’s episode of The Solid Verbal, Ty and Dan take a break from the guest circuit and answer questions from listener emails, tweets and Facebook messages. They start [...]

The Smartest Football (3/6)

Ty and Dan talk with Chris Brown from SmartFootball.com about up-tempo offensive trends, the evolution of the Air Raid offense, Auburn's switch to a 4-2-5 defense, the graduation of the read option to the pro game, the turnaround of Matt McGloin, and much more.  (In short, just listen because this was really good.) [summary] Today [...]

Bill Connelly’s Numb3rs (3/4)

Dan is Ty-less, but checks in with Football Study Hall's Bill Connelly to talk the latest college football metrics and what they tell us about the current crop of college football players and teams and where numbers are headed in the future as we constantly try to learn more. [summary] On today’s show, Dan flies [...]