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February 2013

Mail and More (2/27)

Ty and Dan talk through a few of the current offseason storylines in college football and work their way through a diverse catalog of Verballer messages, answering questions about Wisconsin's future, Texas A&M hype, robots, and Nic Cage. [summary] Ty and Dan lead off the show talking about offseason storylines thus far. They discuss the [...]

Rich Eisen (2/22)

Ty and Dan talk with Rich Eisen from NFL Network about the NFL Scouting Combine, his steadily improving 40-yard dash time, the future for Denard Robinson, the white knuckle experience of getting to the event and more. Subscribe via iTunes | Subscribe via RSS [summary] Ty and Dan are joined by Rich Eisen of NFL [...]

There Are Only 10 Teams In The Big 12 (2/20)

Ty and Dan welcome David Ubben from ESPN.com back to the show to discuss the next chapter in Texas football, TCU's first year in the Big 12, Kansas State without Collin Klein, Oklahoma State's new defensive coordinator, and ATT's Bob Stoops commercial.  Plus, your e-mails and a series of hypothetical questions on Lake Bell, Kliff [...]

The SEC Extravaganza (2/18)

Ty and Dan talk with Paul Myerberg from USA Today about Alabama's dominance, Georgia's glass ceiling, the evolution of LSU, realistic expectations for Texas A&M, the impact of Mississippi's recruiting class and much much more. Ty and Dan talk to Paul Myerberg from USA today, running down all 14 SEC teams and examining some of [...]

One Size Fits All (2/11)

Ty and Dan navigate an overflowing inbox and chat about Ohio State's defense, Mississippi's recruiting class, LSU's potential step back, the NFL stock of Johnny Manziel vs. Marcus Mariota, Autumn Reeser's best role, male dogs dressed as female humans, and a daring porn-for-charity predicament.

The 2013 Recruiting All Porn Name Team

#roster td{ padding: 5px 10px; } #roster .top{ background-color:#CCC; } Something happened in the mid-90s that made strange names acceptable. My working theory is that the superstardom of a young Shaquille O'Neal gave young parents the comfort of knowing that names could sound differently and still be successful.  If anything, Shaq's name helped him become [...]

National Signing Day! (2/6)

Ty and Dan break down all the news from National Signing Day with Brandon Huffman from Scout.com, including the rise of Ole Miss, the emergence of UCLA, the arms race between Ohio State and Michigan, momentum of Texas A&M and Notre Dame, and Bill O'Brien's tightwire act.  Plus, an exhaustive breakdown of the best names (and porn [...]

ACC Review (2/3)

Ty and Dan talk with Jim Young from ACCSports.com about the future of Florida State under Jimbo Fisher, the state of Georgia Tech football, the punchline that was Logan Thomas's 2012 season, Miami's defensive woes, and much more.  Plus... Verbacon 2013?  Maybe...

I did one of those mashup things again. Oops.