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December 2012

Bowl Picks (12/30)

Ty and Dan walk through the most recent bowl action and make their picks for the upcoming games. Plus, a candid discussion about hibachi grills.

Download The 2012 Verbies!

It’s the most prestigious awards show in all of college football podcasting, and it’s now available for $1.99 at SolidVerbal.com/Verbies.  Here’s a sneak peek at what happened when the stars made their way down the red carpet. Download the full version of The 2012 Verbies (in audio and video) at http://www.solidverbal.com/verbies.

Rece Davis (12/26)

Ty and Dan talk with ESPN’s Rece Davis about his preparation regimen before broadcasts, the dynamic between Lou Holtz and Mark May, the balance between personal fandom and professional responsibilities, the effects of conference realignment on other sports, and his Christmas movie power rankings.

Verbies Recap (12/23)

Ty and Dan recap Saturday’s get-together in the Lehigh Valley to record the 2012 Verbies, break down the latest bowl games, and talk about their holiday wish lists.

What’s Stewing (12/19)

Ty and Dan welcome Stewart Mandel from SI.com back to the show to discuss recent coaching moves, his barometer for stud/dud hires, conference realignment’s effect on college football’s sustainability, the disrespect of Notre Dame, and much more.

Casual Dress Sunday (12/16)

Ty and Dan relax by talking about Arizona’s comeback bowl win, the rise of Utah State, the fall of the Big East, and other points from voice messages, e-mails, and Twitter.

Twelve Twelve Twelve! (12/12)

Ty and Dan talk with Michael Weinreb about the robotic qualities of Nick Saban, the likability of Notre Dame, the importance of the Heisman Trophy, and the Penn State community a year after the Sandusky scandal.  Plus, six bowl picks, a coaching carousel update, and a weird orthodontic details from when the guys were 12.

Crunching the Numbers (12/9)

Ty and Dan put together a mega show and talk about Johnny Football’s Heisman Trophy, the college football coaching carousel, advanced statistics with SBNation’s Bill Connelly, a hypothetical media road trip, and welcome Mama Rubenstein to the podcast.

Coachapalooza (12/5)

Ty and Dan discuss the surprising move of Bret Bielema to Arkansas, the comfort Gus Malzahn provides at Auburn, the weird firing of Mario Cristobal, and a variety of other topics related to the ongoing coaching carousel.  Plus, a quick run through some of the hot and not-so-hot bowl match-ups and a rare guest appearance [...]

BONUS: Week 14 Reverbs (12/4)

Computer glitches kept the final Reverbs of the regular season from seeing the light of day. But with so much passion oozing from phone-modulated voices, we couldn’t resist posting them as their own download.  Also, with news of Bret Bielema’s departure, Andrew from Wisconsin provides the most ironic possible segue into our Wednesday show.

Week 14 Review (12/2)

Ty and Dan reunite in New York City and discuss Alabama’s big win in the SEC Championship, Wisconsin’s third straight Rose Bowl berth, Florida State’s limp to the finish, and much more.  Plus, a quick chat with Clay Travis from OutkickTheCoverage.com about betting lines, internet trolls, and an Alabama-Notre Dame BCS Championship matchup. Note: Due [...]