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November 2012

Inbox: Dan and Ty in Miami Fears

My fear of a Solid Verbal trip to Miami is this: Norte Dame wins the NCG, Chip Kelly leaves Oregon & Ty mentions that now that Kelly is gone maybe Oregon can install a new, non-gimmick offense and have a shot at the title game next year. Dan then freaks, goes Dexter Morgan on Ty [...]

College Football Danger Zone: Week 14

Week 14 Preview (11/28)

Ty and Dan make their picks for Week 14, discuss Oklahoma's season, debate better-thans and worse-thans and sing the praises of warm steam vents on cold winter days.

Week 13 Review (11/25)

Ty and Dan discuss Notre Dame's march into the BCS National Championship against either Alabama or Georgia, Florida's impressive showing against Florida State, Oregon's triumph in the Civil War and debate whether Johnny Manziel should win the Heisman.

Week 13 Preview (11/21)

Ty and Dan dive into the news of Big Ten expansion, coaching moves, and playoff media rights before making their picks for college football's Week 13.

Week 12 Review (11/18)

Ty and Dan record from Allentown and Madison and discuss upset losses by Oregon and Kansas State, Notre Dame's looming game with USC, "FCS Week" in the SEC, and Dan's demeanor in a lonely Wisconsin bar.

The Inbox: Kidnapping A Championship?

Although my beloved Crimson Tide lost, I thought about it and have decided on my national championship game pick: The game will be Oregon vs. K-State. HOWEVER, the Alabama Crimson Tide will kidnap the Oregon players and steal their uniforms before the game and play against KSU disguised as the Ducks. The score should be [...]

The Inbox: On Kansas St H8rz

Welcome to The Inbox, where we thoughtfully respond to your e-mails in written form, because we couldn’t find time to work them into the show. Don't hate K-State just because they might prevent ND from going to the NCG. K-State is a great story, and Colin Klein shows what student athletes and all people should [...]

Week 12 Preview (11/14)

Ty and Dan make their picks for Week 12 of the college football season and play around with a Google Hangout in the process.  As always, the learnings are profound, the knowledge hits you like a bomb, and the chemistry is unforgettable.

The Inbox: Volume I

Welcome to The Inbox, where we thoughtfully respond to your e-mails in written form, because we couldn't find time to work them into the show. I was emailed yesterday by an attractive woman on an online dating site. Sadly, she lives 500 miles away, and she's also a Clemson fan. I told her it would [...]

Week 11 Review (11/11)

Ty and Dan recap Texas A&M's big upset of Alabama, the chaos amongst Oregon, Kansas State and Notre Dame, the future of Gene Chizik and Derek Dooley, and the irony of having to root for Texas down the stretch.

State of the Union (11/8)

Ty and Dan welcome Bruce Feldman to the show to discuss coaching hot seats around college football, the weird state of affairs at USC, the chances of an Alabama loss, and Notre Dame's relevance.  Plus, Mack Brown's staying power at Texas, a blunt assessment of the Big Ten, and conjecture over which media members would [...]

Week 11 Preview (11/7)

Ty and Dan fend off the snow to make their picks for Week 11 and re-introduce the Secret Verbal.

Week 10 Review (11/4)

Ty and Dan walk through a wild week of games, including Alabama's comeback, Oregon's shootout, and Notre Dame's overtime thriller. Plus, Reverbs and an ongoing debate about which teams should be ranked where in the top ten.