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July 2012

Holly Anderson (7/30)

Ty and Dan talk with Holly Anderson from SI.com about Tim Beckman’s singing voice, West Virginia’s compatibility with the Big 12, uncomfortable ACC predictions, USC’s value as a title contender, and the general anguish of being a Tennessee fan.  This episode contains some cussin’, so be sure to earmuff the kids.  

Three for Thursday (7/26)

Ty previews Oklahoma with Josh McCuistion from SoonerScoop.com, Virginia Tech with Eric Johnson from TheKeyPlay.com, and Nebraska with Brandon Vogel from HailVarsity.com.

Punished (7/23)

Ty and Dan talk with Bryan Fischer from CBS Sports about the NCAA’s punishment of Penn State, the precedent established by Mark Emmert, the recruiting fallout from harsh penalties, the lasting cultural impact in Happy Valley, and much more.

David Jones (7/18)

Ty and Dan talk with David Jones from The Patriot-News about the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State, the genesis of early news reports, the power of Joe Paterno, the path forward as an athletic institution, and potential penalties for the purported cover-up.

Kegs, Eggs and DGS (7/16)

With Ty absent tending to bigger and better things (allegedly), Dan runs the show solo with Adam Kramer, of Kegs ‘n Eggs megafame. They discuss Adam’s blog history, 2012 stories to look forward to, risers and fallers, the competitive structure of college football, and most importantly, they review their egg dish power rankings. **BONUS** Dan and [...]

Four Horsemen (7/11)

Ty and Dan join forces in New York City and talk with Bill Connelly and Brian Floyd from SBNation about Notre Dame’s bad luck in 2011, realistic expectations for Mike Leach in 2012, the value of betting on USC as a national champion, crazy football statistics and much more.

NCAA 13 (7/9)

Ty and Dan talk with Ben Haumiller from EA Sports about the release of NCAA 13, the new passing system in this year’s game, the practicality of adding infractions, the mad skills of Cam Newton, and the decision to name A Player Resembling Everett Golson as Notre Dame’s starting quarterback.

E-mail and Voicemails (7/2)

Ty and Dan delve into the college football police blotter, the underbelly of 7-on-7 tournaments, and recruiting buzzwords before attacking the e-mail inbox and voicemail line.