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May 2012

Brett McMurphy (5/31)

Ty and Dan talk with Brett McMurphy from CBSSports.com about the process of reporting on conference realignment news, the definition of "third parties", the stability of the Big 12, the power that television money has over college football, and the winners and losers of the realignment campaign.

Grab Bag (5/30)

Ty and Dan debate Cam Newton's College Football Hall of Fame credentials, coaches on the hot seat in 2012, the burning of recruiting letters, and whether the name of the adult film shot in the Los Angeles Coliseum fell short.

Ryan Abraham (5/23)

Ty and Dan talk with Ryan Abraham from USCFootball.com about high expectations for the Trojans, Lane Kiffin's quiet transition, questions along the defensive line, potential trap games, recruiting strategies, and Pat Haden's impact on the USC program.

The Essential Smart Football (5/21)

Ty and Dan talk with Chris Brown about his new book, The Essential Smart Football, the emergence of the Cover-4 defense, similarities and differences between Gus Malzahn and Chad Morris, Mike Leach's brilliance, Chip Kelly's first half tactics, and the system he'd run if he were given the keys to a football program.  Plus, Dan's [...]

Seminole Moment (5/14)

Ty and Dan talk with Bud Elliott from TomahawkNation.com about Florida State's situation in the ACC, its interest in the Big 12 and SEC, the snakebittenness of E.J. Manuel and the progression of the Seminole program under Jimbo Fisher.  Plus, a voice message, an e-mail, and an update on Ty's ailing back.

Wrong Number (5/9)

Ty and Dan discuss Tommy Rees' recent arrest, Mike Leach's Reddit event, Bobby Petrino's motorcycle sale, ten nagging questions for 2012, and their harrowing experience with an errant sexter.

A New ‘Eera (5/7)

Ty and Dan talk with Mike Casazza from the Charleston Daily Mail about his book (Waiting For The Fall) and West Virginia's fascinating (but tumultuous) decade, the awkward transition from Bill Stewart to Dana Holgorsen, the goals of Oliver Luck, and realistic expectations for the Mountaineers in their first season with the Big 12.  Plus, [...]

West Coast Kevin (5/2)

Ty and Dan check in with West Coast Kevin and break down the top 25 college football players in 2012, the new Whale Wars spin-off, and their new scheme to use female stand-ins to more quickly grow the Verballerhood.  Plus, an e-mail about Derek Dooley and Broadway performances.